Columbia Station Lady Trainer’s Love For Dogs Helps Track Wounded Deer

Lady Trainer's Love For Dogs Helps Track Wounded Deer
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Dogs are invaluable in outdoor pursuits by helping us using their natural instincts to track wild game. People use their uncanny instinct to discover deer antler sheds.  Humans could never underestimate the importance of dogs. Here is a piece of great news about a lady trainer’s love for dogs helps track wounded deer.

Have you ever heard of Paige Malone?

She’s a trainer in Columbia Station who tracks wounded deer with Gunner, her dog. It is legal in Ohio when the property owner permits and also the dog is leashed.

Malone stresses on classical conditioning.

For training, Cabelas sells toys with deerskin so that the dog can familiarize itself with deer and blood scent.

Dragging the toy will enable the dog to follow the scent and help them with uncovering and tracking scents.

This finally leads to the wounded animal.

It all started when her husband’s deer went missing and Gunner led them to the deer.

All hunters would aim to shoot the animal in a single shot, but no one can guarantee a clean shot every single time.

In those cases, a dog’s sense of smell can provide much-needed assistance.

Malone is now training her Welsh Corgi, Bronco, to track antler sheds. Food treats, and praise helps the dog learn what they should be doing, according to Malone.

Malone said, “All dogs can use their noses. Some breeds are bred for their sense of smell and some for sight.”

Fortunate Fido offers scent classes and these classes are certified by C-WAGS and AKC. In these classes, the trainers use cypress and birch oil for training.

Trainers suggest scent work is very useful compared to normal training.

The main outcome of this training is that it offers a lot of fun apart from building confidence.

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