“Wanna Be Happy?, Look At Me” Says Man’s Best Friend

Man’s Best Friend
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If you are still puzzled and thinking how to get the most from your life-take a good look at your handsome pet dog.

According to Amanda Gagnon, a dog trainer with a credible track record, there are plenty of things we can imbibe from canines.  She shared her knowledge at a recent meeting in Manhattan.

Dogs teach us how to stay focused on the task on hand and nothing else according to Gagnon.

Isn’t it cool that way?

Dogs love to enjoy simple and cute things in life.

When people get sick and bored to get out in the snow, a canine goes out, and starts rolling, running, jumping in the snow as if nothing bothers them.

They are aware of their particular interest and are not reluctant to go for it.

People believe dogs do n’t talk but they do communicate with their body language, using their eyes, tails, and attitude. They are communicating all the time.

Dogs jump or behave restlessly to seek your attention. Humans, on the other hand, feel reserved and shy to a request for attention.

They simply don’t hold any grudges, definitely not in the manner that humans do.

Dogs do carry important reminders, such as making sure you run or exercise every day.

The real happiness is recreating that passion and that attitude for being here.

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