Men’s Beards Are Dirtier Than A Dog’s Fur

Men’s Beards Are More Dirtier Than A Dog’s Fur
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A recent survey result shows bearded men are subject to more germs in their beards than canines have in their coat.

Beards have a bad reputation. Yeah, guys with beards are considered more attractive said a survey in 2018.

The bad news is that around 45% of women would not sleep with a guy who has a beard. Now, a new survey reveals bearded men carry lot more germs than dogs have in their fur.

We are talking about dogs that eat table scraps off the pavement.

The main sample size of the survey in question was actually small. Around 30 canines belonging to different breeds were tested against 18 men. Out of the total men tested positive, seven men had microbes that posed a danger to human health.

Some studies have concluded that men with facial hair tend to have fewer bacteria than men with no facial hair.

The study was done to discover if there was any risk of humans catching a disease from canines.

This suggests that this definitely feels like an exciting time to ask men stylists for tips on keeping your beard cleaner than the show dog Maltese. Guys, please take note of this point.

So, What Are The Beard Hygiene Facts?

Joth Davies, a Barber from Sheffield, said, “You should regularly wash your facial hair as you do with your head.”

Experts suggest washing as well as good conditioning. Some prefer to use specialized products on their hair.

Scrubs are also fine to clean the skin underneath because of beard dandruff. It is definitely a problem, the longer the beard, the more the problems.

Scrubs will definitely try to remove all the loose skin and then rejuvenate. Never overdo it. Use a balm or beard oil to moisturize your beard.

Does brushing really help? For styling purpose, it really helps.

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