Mom Protects Three Year Old Kid With Her Body From Ferocious Pit bulls

Mom Protects Three Year Old Kid With Her Body
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A mother protects her three-year-old kid with her body from a ferocious dog attack.

Dorris Hutcherson says the recent attack by three canines Friday night on a three-year-old neighbor kid “the worst incident I have ever actually seen in my entire life.”

As per reports, hearing a commotion around 5:30 p.m., Dorris checked her back yard in Vallejo, California to find the 50 lbs attacking her neighbor.

There were more than three Pit bulls involved in the attack.

Dorris’s husband, Steve, knocked on a dust bin using a golf club. He tried to distract the canines while her wife called 911. The police rushed to the spot.

Officers used physical force and pepper spray to push the dogs away. The woman is around 47 years old.

Both the victims are in stable condition. They were hospitalized with bites to the arms and their head.

According to reporters, the dogs are now quarantined at the Solano County Animal Control for ten days. They will be checked for rabies.

The dog owner can follow rules or turn the dogs for owning animals declared as dangerous.

Vallejo police are carrying out the investigation in this matter.

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