New Jersey Stops Training Police Dogs To Sniff Out Pot

New Jersey Stops Training Police Dogs to Sniff Out Pot
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The Garden State has stopped training police dogs to sniff out the pot.

Attorney General Grewal told assembly members on Wednesday that a recent proposal to legalize weed led police to prohibit training the dogs to spot the smell of burnt cannabis.

He says canines already trained to identify the scent can be employed in another setting. He stated that it’s realistic to use the dogs to identify a weed in the future if needed.

The trained police dogs would be employed in a different setup. These places include schools and jails.

It is easy to train them to spot marijuana if needed, but it’s difficult to “un-train” canines who already detect the odor.

Mr. Grewal spoke after a member asked how this bill would stop trained canines.

New Jersey would become the 11th state to accept recreational marijuana if the proposal goes forward.

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