A New Yorker And His Dog Risk Life To Save Two Dogs In Ice Cold Lake

New Yorker And His Dog Risk Life To Save Two Dogs
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In one of the most fascinating moments, a shirtless New Yorker and his Golden Retriever Kira jumped into ice-cold waters to save two dogs.

Timofey Yuriev and his lucky pet were seen on camera braving all odds breaking through thin sheets of ice to free two stranded dogs, who were stuck in freezing waters separately.

The incident received a widespread appreciation after the rescued video was posted to Facebook. The video was recorded by Melissa Kho, Yuriev’s wife, who witnessed this incident first hand. It showed Kira and Timofey, 45, reaching out to save the dogs at the O’Hara center last Saturday.

Kira even looks charged up and happy to muzzle the dogs as they both bring them to safety. The two break the ice and slowly swim back to shore.

Melissa Kho wrote, “ Just watched something amazing. My hubby and dog rescuing two dogs stuck in ice.

‘ We were actually walking close to the lake and two canines had come down on the other side and wanted to cross it. They then fell when the thin sheet of ice gave away.’

‘ We initially thought the dogs may swim to safety but they simply could not get out of the water. They were just paddling in the ice cold water and gave up. So Tim jumped in.’

Tim, originally from Kazakhstan, had learned to handle ice cold water in Siberia. He said, ‘When I did the breathing technique everything felt nice. I felt a bit light-headed and I went to rescue the second dog.’

Tim stated that he learned to swim in these conditions from his grandfather when he was barely seven-years-old. He has even performed freediving without using any safety apparatus.’

Yuriev told reporters that “When I saw the dog, I immediately undressed and dived in.’

‘The dogs were in a dangerous situation. I saw no other way to save them. I measured quickly that the ice was tender and I had to just get in. He also mentioned-“I lived in Russia’s Siberian region and swimming under the ice is not hard for me.’

The dog owner was reportedly crying following this heroic rescue.

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