Northamptonshire Police Honor Finn, The Heroic Dog

Northamptonshire Police Tags Honor Injured Dog
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From now, police dogs in England’s Northamptonshire are recognized as “protectors and colleagues” to mark a new beginning.

Northamptonshire police honor Finn, the heroic dog. “ Finn’s Law,” as it is called is named after the dog who did a remarkable job of protecting his handler. This law ensures harsher and stricter terms for people who harm department horses or dogs.

The new law gives extra protection to its canines that perform their duty without any scant regard for their life. The department has already introduced warrant cards, numbers, and collars for its dogs.

This new Animal Welfare Act came into effect this Saturday, after a continuous campaign spearheaded by PC Dave Wandler, a dog handler from the Hertfordshire police department.

His dog Finn, a German shepherd was seriously injured as he tried to save his handler on that fateful day in 2016.

During that period, Finn was declared as a “property” and the attack was just as criminal damage.

Now, attackers cannot claim innocence and it’s now an offense to cause suffering.

To start with, five new police canines were given their own new collar number, engraved with a name, and with a collar.

All the serving dogs will now be protected under the “Finn’s Law”. In addition, a memorial plaque bearing the collar and name of each police dog will also be erected.

A police spokesperson said, “The new law rightly identifies them as protectors and colleagues, and to safeguard them is our duty.”

The spokesperson claimed there had been inquiries from other forces as well.

In April 2019, after this law was passed, Surrey Police stated that it would remove the mention of the word “property” from the dog tags.

Why Northamptonshire Police Honor Finn, The Heroic Dog?

PC Dave and his dog, Finn, were searching for an armed robber. A suspect tried to escape and Finn grabbed the suspect’s legs.

The attacker stabbed Finn with a 10in long hunting knife. With a painful surgery and several prayers, Finn survived.

The “Finn’s Law” is a badge of honor for all police dogs like him.

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