French Musher Petit Loses The Lead – His Sled Dogs Quit On Him

Petit Loses The Lead
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Nicolas Petit loses the lead. His sled dogs, unfortunately, quit on him this Monday morning.

Joey, a sled dog had been fighting hard with another dog in the sled team. All of a sudden it crossed over the other dog as the pack was closing in on the Koyuk checkpoint.

Pete first reached Koyuk, later followed by Joar Ulsom from Norway. Pete rested nearly for five and a half hours before hitting the trail again.

Nicholas stated all his dogs are being well fed. He also said that there are no medical problems with his dogs as such.

Petit’s explanation did go down well with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Peta’s Tracy Reiman claimed in a statement, “ it’s actually not the dogs who should have their heads checked-it’s those who support this gruesome race. Fatigue, injury, and illness forced Petit to stop four dogs from running, putting an enormous amount of pressure on the remaining 10 dogs.”

Libby Riddles, the world’s first woman champion said this incident shows why mushing is a difficult skill. It is important to keep the race going as well as keeping the dogs active and happy.

The range of communication, intuition, experience, and trust you share with your dogs will decide the outcome of the race.

Riddles been doing mushing for more than 40 years and said if the dogs decide to quit on you, you can do nothing.

She went on to say that a dog with a crazy attitude can ruin the whole pack.

“Petit will grow with experience and positively rebuild,” she said.

The race began on March 2 in a place called Willow. The trail took them right through Alaska’s wilderness and all the way over the Yukon River before reaching Bering Sea coast.

The winner will pull down Nome’s main area to the finish line in a few days from now on.


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