South Africa’s Police Dog Makes 10th Arrest

Police Dog Makes 10th Arrest
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Every day is not Sunday and every dog is wise. Not every dog can feel happy to have arrested around 10 perpetrators.

Police canine Jack was keen to jump into action and help his human partners to “confine” criminals across the Mandela Bay.

As per reports, the dog’s latest victim is an alleged burglar residing in Walmer.

It is reported that at around 02:00, K9 members were very busy with their regular patrols when they suddenly noticed some mysterious activity close to 8th Avenue.

They reached the spot immediately. As the team stopped the vehicle, they did not find anyone in the vehicle. But, police noticed that the lock was forced open.

Now, the police canine Jack enters the scene.

The team released Jack to bust the absconding men. As soon as they neared the spot, a man jumped out from nowhere and attempted to flee.

The team warned the perpetrator to stop but soon Jack apprehended him.

Police inspected the scene and discovered that around $67.80 USD. The suspect was detained for theft and housebreaking.

10 Criminals Arrested Since 2018

Jack, who will turn 9 in June, has been part of Sergeant Volente Baatjies for the six-seven months. They have so far apprehended 10 suspects.

Some time ago, Jack nabbed a suspect who tried to steal from a liquor store. This liquor store is located in Kwazakhele. In New Brighton, Jack helped the Police nab two copper thieves.

A spokesperson said, “ The K9 team approached the place without causing much commotion. As soon as the police closed on the scene, the suspects made a run to escape detention.

Two members from the police Surveillance Unit stopped them and Jack rushed to apprehend them.

The estimated damage is around $ 678 USD.

Both suspects, aged 55 and 21, were charged under the CMA Act that deals with theft, damaging, and tampering of essential property.

These suspects are expected to face charges in court soon.

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