2020 Likely Presidential Companion Pets At The White House

Presidential Companions At The White House
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The Democrats and Republicans have started their race towards the next 2020 Presidential elections, with several candidates desperately waiting.

Most candidates are promising a scheme of things including reversal of many of Donald Trump’s policies, expanded health care, and so on.

Donald Trump is the very first American President not to have a pet and more than 68% of Americans own a dog.

Democratic candidates with pups are not shying away from displaying their pets to the crowd and let’s take a look at the potential presidential pups at the White House.

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Kirsten Gillibrand & Maple

The promising  New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand & Maple had made an announcement on the twitter that they have got a Labradoodle puppy in July 2017 on Twitter.

Sherrod Brown and Franklin

Franklin was made the Moral Manager during Brown’s 2018 campaign.

When Sherrod won, his dog accompanied him for his thanksgiving speech.

As far 2020 presidential elections are concerned, Brown has not announced his decision.

John Hickenlooper and Skye

Hickenlooper‘s Akita BulldogChow Chow hybrid mix was seen with him at his office.

John has not yet declared his candidature for the 2020 elections.

Bete O’Rourke and Artemis

The former Congressman Bete O’ Rourke was made famous because of his black dog.

He also has another dog named Rosie and Silver, a cat.

Joe Bidden and Major

Biden hired Major, a brilliant German Shepherd, and he wanted a friend for his old dog, Champ.

Pete Buttigieg and Buddy

The Indiana Mayor announced about his new “Buddy” last year on Twitter. Pete and his partner Glezman have “Truman”.

Truman appears in a Facebook post.

Cory Booker Vows to get one if elected

New Jersey senator Booker replied that he would get one if makes it to the White House.

Elizabeth Warren and Bailey

The Massachusetts golden retriever, Bailey, and Bruce, her husband are the two most important people in her life.

Elizabeth named her Bailey after the main role in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Other Democrats and their Dogs

The Californian senator, Kamala Harris, has dogs but she has not yet made them public.

Vermont Senator Sanders does not own a dog.

Candidates who are displaying their dog are not doing so for the first time.  The first American President Herbert Hoover used his King Tut, a German Shepherd, during his campaigning days.

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