How To Save Your Dog From Rattlesnake Bite On The Trail?

Rattlesnake Avoidance Training For Dogs
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As the weather turns hot and humid, rattlesnakes will start to move in the path people use. It means people hiking should be careful.

Every annum, dozens of canines are seen at the vets after being struck. Rattlesnakes are the most venomous snake in Colorado.

The trainers feel dogs are at a personal risk is because of their enthusiasm and interest.

Rattlesnake Avoidance Training For Dogs

There are classes where canines are taught to avoid snakes. The classes include lessons on tips to avoid the smell, sound, and sight of a rattlesnake.

The rattlesnake aversion program has canines come into close contact with live snakes. They receive a mild kind of shock if they move close to the snakes.

Trainers report classes are around one and a half hours. One class is more than enough for the dogs to learn.

“Usually, these creatures are not that much aggressive.”  Sammi with General Persuasions Dog Training said, “  Dogs and people are bitten because they behave badly with the snakes.”

“So, if it is not going to be a cold day, the snake will warn you off. They don’t prefer to waste their energy injecting you with venom.”

Canines learn how to detect a rattlesnake and avoid it.

Their frantic reactions can help owners to be on their toes when they are walking with their pets.

Experts recommend trainers to keep canines on a leash while walking. They instruct dog owners to teach their dog “leave” command, meaning to avoid things, and not dropping it.

Experts suggest, “Avoid by smell, sight, and see.” In case, dogs miss the sight of the snake, they still hear the rattle. They will leave the snake alone and know what to do next.

Important Trivia

  1. Rattlesnakes are more active and robust in the spring.
  2. Dogs are 20 times more prone to get struck by a rattlesnake.
  3. A special rattlesnake vaccine is available for less than $25 USD. This vaccine will slow down the impact of the venom. It gives you some more extra time to get your dog to the vet.
  4. Look out for bite symptoms. Keep your dog away from grass or bush if possible.

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