Why Raw Meat Is Unsafe For Both Owners And Their Dogs?

Raw Meat Is Unsafe For Both Owners And Their Dogs
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Feeding dogs raw meat diets indicate severe health risk for the family who shares a room with them, a group of scientists has finally revealed.

At present, these dog foods are sold and marketed under the popular acronym, BARF or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.

When it comes to BARF for dogs, both microbiologists and vets are having a not so positive opinion.

There have been various reports published that perhaps raise several questions regarding the ability of raw meat foods to produce parasitic and bacterial pathogens.

These bacteria affect both dog owners and dogs.

A research study published in The Netherlands provided details about 35 BARF dog food packs. The team discovered Salmonella in 20%, Listeria species in 43%, and Escherichia coli in 80%.

The researchers claimed that the possibility of bacterial infections in pet foods pose a threat for human beings.

In early 2019, the American Food Department analyzed three cases. They came to the conclusion that the main source for the contamination was raw meat.

In one of the studies published in VetRecord, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences analyzed five dozen BARF packs. They were all from 10 different companies.

The results are given here

Bacteria from the Enterobacteriaceae were present in more numbers than the prescribed limits laid down by the EU. The researchers also found campylobacter and salmonella species were in 5% and 7% food samples respectively.

Researchers warn of health risks to humans and animals for immuno-compromised individuals.

The study also focuses on health tips to control the growth of pathogens in raw animal food. they include

  • Thaw food in conditions where the temperature is no less than 10 degrees Celsius
  • Both human food and dog food should be kept separately
  • Using a different set of utensils and spoons for humans and dogs
  • Keeping all food frozen until use
  • Avoid feeding raw food to dogs undergoing antimicrobial medication
  • Never kiss your pooch on its lips; the most effective method to transfer bacteria to humans after they have actually eaten

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