Rittenhouse Hotel, Philadelphia Offers Gourmet Service For Dogs

Rittenhouse Hotel Philadelphia Offers Gourmet Service For Dogs
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The Rittenhouse Hotel in Philadelphia now brings its best service to man’s most loyal friend. The gourmet service includes a menu that consists of a filet mignon cooked at an ideal temperature.

Nowadays, more travelers are picking pet-friendly hotels. This kind of new initiative could bring in more footfalls.

The Rittenhouse hotel is getting ready to celebrate its 30th year this June. A $10 million USD renovation got completed only recently. The renovation started in 2012.

Updates will be carried out to further enhance customer satisfaction, but all the recent effort focuses on pets. A fresh in-room menu launched last Thursday, inspiring the hotel visitors.

Canine Friendly Services Of Rittenhouse Hotels

Menu items include-

  • Whipped cream – $5 USD
  • Fiji mineral water – $5 USD
  • Frozen peanut butter bars – $5 USD
  • Filet mignon – $32 USD
  • Bean and beef stew with veggies – $18 USD
  • Peanut butter bones and chicken jerky – $5 USD

Reginald Archambault, General Manager, told reporters, “ We believe that dogs and cats or pets for that matter pets are extended members of the visitor’s family. They deserve to be pampered at an out prestigious hotel.”

The hotel, Reginald clarified, previously cared for pets with homemade gluten-free biscuits, mineral water, and soft beds.

He added, “ The inclusion of a new menu was natural travel in the right direction.”

Philadelphia’s hotel business is seeing an upward trend, with close to nine hotels set to launch this year and next year.

The recently made canine-friendly room service could definitely attract more visitors who have pets.

As per reports, around 68 percent of American families, have pets. Canines accounted for around 48 percents.

57 percent of dog owners said they prefer to stay at dog-friendly hotels. Traveling with pets has caught the fancy of Americans in a big way.

The global luxury business is expected to touch $20.4 billion in a few years from now.

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