Runner Saved By Dogs In Lancashire After A Hill Fall

Runner Saved By Dogs In Lancashire
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A runner was rescued after her canines raised an alarm. 48-year-old Pita Oates was finding it hard to stand after she tripped and fell in Lancashire.

One of her dogs stayed close with her, while the other dog went around barking for help.

This was noticed by a dog walker and he contacted medical service for help.

Ms. Oates said, “ They were working as a tag team. Merlyn went to ask for help but Buddy never actually left me.”

She would have died if the dogs had not called for help.

When help arrived Ms.Pita was moving in and out of consciousness, and hypothermia was setting in.

Ms. Pita said, “ It was freezing. The winds were horrendous.”

Ms. Oates got her femur broken and also tore her cruciate and anterior ligaments on March 12.

“I could not stand up. I had no choice, but to bum-shuffle,” Pita said.

It took her one and a half hours to get down and it was dark.

“Buddy never left her owner and the dog, Merlyn kept barking and when help arrived he knew something was not right,” Pita remarked.

Members and paramedics of the Bowland Mountain Rescue arrived to help Ms. Oates.

She spent close to eight days and had a plate fitted. She still needs one more operation.

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