Tesla’s “Dog Mode” Can Save Pets From Heat In Hot Cars

Tesla’s “Dog Mode” Can Save Pets From Heat in Hot Cars
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Tesla’s brand new technological advancement will help passers-by learn about temperature present inside the car.

Tesla has recently launched new software specially created to keep dogs safe in hot cars.

It can take anywhere close to 1200 seconds for a pet to contract heat stroke inside a hot car. Just stopping to buy some drinks and leaving a pet inside the car can have disastrous consequences.

If the temperature touches 50 degrees centigrade, then nothing is certain.

To beat the heat, Tesla has launched the latest feature “Dog Mode”, a new feature that will ensure that the air conditioning is still on even after the car is secured and locked, creating a healthy environment for pets.

This new function will display a bright message most aptly on the vehicle’s dashboard tablet showing the car’s internal temperature. The passers-by can check the temperature and also know that the pet ’s master will be back.

Another highlight of this new feature is that the car owner will also be alerted if the vehicle’s battery shoots below 20 percent. The owners can then reach the car within a few minutes and save their  pets.

How to enable “Dog Mode?”

  • To switch on Dog Mode, gently tap the fan icon when you park your car.
  • Fix Keep Climate On to DOG
  • Make changes if required

The car is now safe, which means your pets are also secure.

Dog Mode will run without any break and the second the battery reaches below 20%, the owner will receive a message.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s founder, has stated the “Dog Mode” technology will soon be out in models gradually.

Musk also mentioned that this new function will work along with the Cabin Overheat Protection feature, which triggers once the temperature inside the car touches a certain point.

The concept of “Dog Mode” was triggered by a Twitter user who asked a similar feature in all future updates.

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