Texas Man Suffering From Cancer Seeks New Homes For 11 Dogs

Texas Man Suffering From Cancer Seeks New Homes For 11 Dogs
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After doctors revealed to a Texas Man that he only had a few days to live, he did the next best thing.

When Ewers discovered he had cancer in 2018, he was busy managing around 27 dogs that had been abandoned and were either stray.

According to reports, Ewers entered hospice and still has close to 11 dogs. Volunteers are now handling the dogs since Ewers diagnosis.

Volunteers told reporters that canines are already saddened and stressed that their owner is not with them. They worry about the fate of these dogs if they are not adopted.

Social media posts featuring the canines looking for a home have been posted. The good news is that all canines have been neutered or spayed already.

Experts said the most important thing dog admirers will need if someone decides to adopt one of these canines, is patience. These dogs have gone through innumerable changes already.

 Simple Tips to Find Dogs That Need Rehoming

Helping pets find new homes is useful and important. Try to contact your local rescue or shelter homes to adopt a dog today.

1. Check your locality

Keep your eyes open.  Look out for otherwise kept, abandoned, or stray animals living in bad conditions. Check areas including alleys or parks, or all places a canine will look for food.

If you notice such a dog, contact your local pet rescue authorities. Avoid pursuing the pet yourself.

These malnourished dogs may suffer from physical problems and other medical ailments. Be ready to face increased vet expenses.

2. Talk to a Vet

Vet offices get details about pets that need rehoming. Some vets have notification boards or bulletin you can follow for more details.

3. Check with Shelters

Call or visit your local shelter to check whether they have any pets. This is useful for shelters. Inform the shelter why you need a dog.

4. Check online sites or communities

Look online at Craigslist or local pet adoption forums. Place “Wanted” ads in leading dailies stating that you are ready to adopt a pet to rehome.