A Man Tries To Subvert New York Subway Rule; Misses Train

A Man Tries To Subvert New York Subway Rule; Misses Train
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According to reports, MTA rules mention “dogs must be kept in a container”. But, one train conductor disagrees to allow a person with a canine in a sack.

A few years ago, in 2016, MTA in New York prohibited commuters from bringing their animals on the subway. Commuters carrying animals enclosed in a bag and transported in a decent manner were allowed.

But every American citizen loves a little loophole. While the authorities allowed canines carried in special crates, some commuters went overboard. They carried their pets in rucksacks and tote.

On April 5, 2019, a commuted realized that he cannot exploit the loophole. He was captured on mobile camera debating with the train conductor about entering the train with his pet dog. Will Courtney, a journalist, filmed this commotion at Carroll Street located in Brooklyn.

The passenger carried the heavy dog in a burlap sack. He hoisted the sack over his shoulder, but the train conductor did not agree with the person over his choice.

The train conductor stopped the commuter from boarding the train. He was saying, “That’s not a bag, that’s not a bag.”

It’s not common for MTA to stop a commuter in boarding the subway.

In 2018, the MTA carried out a more strict approach. They advised people to dial 911 if someone witnesses a canine outside a bag. Some 12 hours later, the authorities removed the policy.

Authorities said, “ It was a mistake and commuters should call 911 for help.

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