Trained Dogs Sniff Out Electronic Devices

Trained Dogs Sniff Out Electronic Devices
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Seven dogs passed out of the 200th graduating program who were trained to detect electronic devices.

The State Police of Connecticut trained the dogs. The dogs were from different states. It was the world’s first training program to help dogs detect electronic devices. This has helped the police with a strong focus into organized crime, child pornography, and terrorism.

The class was headed by Tropper Kerry Halligan.

Halligan remarked, “ We select only the best and capable dogs and all the dogs are subject to an in-depth training program.”

These dogs are steadfastly trained to sniff a unique polymer. These polymers are mostly seen in memory devices.

The Connecticut police have trained some of the best dogs, including for the ATF and FBI.

“All these trained dogs are going to do a great service to this society,” Trooper Kerry said.

The graduating ceremony was like a sort of a reunion for those who were separated from these puppies before they took part in the 10-week course.

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