United States Postal Service(USPS) Honors Dogs With Stamps

Usps Honors Dogs With Stamps
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The United States Postal Service(USPS) is doing a great favor by honoring some of America’s most loyal and brave military working dogs.

They have decided to bring out a set of stamp collections which is scheduled to be released later this 2019.

The stamp collection shall include the most popular military working dogs namely- Dutch shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Labrador retriever, and German shepherd.

The dogs will decorate a white star with a blue or red background. According to the Postal Service, these two colors represent the true spirit of American patriotism and the national flag.

Why military dogs?

Military dogs were part and parcel of several US military operations since the First World War. Based on reports, at present, around 2300 military dogs serve in different capacities on US bases located worldwide.

These dogs are trained to carry out life-threatening search and rescue operations often using their sizes and noses to their advantage.

In the United States, Holmdel, New Jersey hosts a separate memorial in honor of US war dogs. The initial idea was to remember those dogs that served in the Vietnam war and it now honors all the military dogs that worked for the American military.

These dogs are treated and respected as a military soldier, in every possible way. The Postal Service readies itself to release four more subjects.

Transcontinental Railroad

This stamp celebrates a gigantic human endeavor in the American Railroad history.

Three new stamps honor the 150th anniversary of successful completion of the massive transcontinental railroad. This construction brought down the traveling time from a whopping six months to a week.

American West became a lasting memory in the heart of every American citizen.

A stamp features the popular golden spike that became part of the ceremony.

The other two stamps consist of the No. 119 and Jupiter locomotives that transported people to the “Celebration or Golden Spike Ceremony.”

This ceremony was held when two rail lines were connected in Utah’s Promontory Summit.

Ellsworth Kelly

Artist Ellsworth Kelly mastered a unique style of art based on natural elements.

He pioneered in sculpture, painting, and other arts on paper.

The collection of 20 stamps focus 10 pieces –

  • Gaza(1956)
  • Red Blue(1964)
  • Meschers(1951)
  • Orange Red Relief (for Delphine Seyrig)(1990)
  • Blue Green(1962)
  • South Ferry(1956)
  • Spectrum I(1953)
  • Blue Red Rocker(1963)
  • Colors for a Large Wall(1951)
  • Yellow White(1961)
  • Blue Yellow Red III (1971)- seen in the selvage

“Little Mo” Stamp

Honoring Maureen Connolly Brinker, an amazing tennis champion par excellence.

Featuring Gregory Manchess oil-on-linen super painting, the stamp art shows Maureen in action.

The stamp art depicts a low volley. Known for her strong groundstrokes, the “Little Mo” as she was fondly called became the first female tennis champion to win the four major Grand Slams in a year.

Star Ribbon

Depicting the needs of the business mailers, the Star Ribbon stamp showcases a star. The star is made of a blue, white, and red ribbon.

The middle empty space inside the stamp shows a smaller star.

This tri-colored ribbon stamp displayed like a patriotic symbol shows the American spirit.

The stamp will ideally be sold in bunches of 20 and in coils of thousands.

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