Woman Tried To Intervene Two Fighting Dogs, Learns One Of Them Was Mountain Lion

Woman Tried To Intervene Two Fighting Dog
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Every dog parent knows the problem of securing their precious doggies out of aggressive dogfights.

Imagine an Idaho resident’s shock, in fact, when she realized that her pet had actually been warding off the advances of a young mountain lion.

The incident happened on the morning of 30th January 2019 when the woman discovered her fido warring with another animal right outside their house. She had assumed that her fido was warring another dog.

When she intervened to end the fight, she finally learned that her pet was seriously attacking a 15 Kg young mountain lion. The mountain lion was thought to have strayed into their neighborhood in Custer County.

As per reports, the woman reached out to her partner to take a shot. He ‘dispatched’ the animal after arriving on the scene.

Why Idaho?

Idaho has plenty of mountain lion population. These kind of run-ins between animals and humans are fairly common.

According to reports, around three such encounters have occurred last month.

The officials have instructed residents to keep their pets secure at all times.

This encounter has sparked a debate on social media with a section of people questioning the woman’s claim of mistaking a lion.

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