London Zoo Under Scanner For Organizing Late Night Parties

London Zoo Under Scanner For Organizing Late-Night Parties
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London Zoo has been the target of an animal rights group. The reason- they are restarting late-night, adult-only parties despite threats from intoxicated guests for disturbing the animals or planning to enter their cages.

The Zoo authorities are planning to start “Zoo Nights.” These “Zoo Nights” are designed to run on 8 Friday evenings in the month of July and June.

It will allow grown-ups to “relive their early days of wonder and awe.”

Petition Against Zoo Nights

A petition calling to cancel this event has been doing rounds for quite some time now. Around 15,000 people have signed this petition asking the zoo authorities to put an end to this “disastrous move.”

“This is an irresponsible move where the authorities turn the area into a party zone for the night. Alcohol and music with no care,” the petition states.

“It has to stop,” activists argue.

The London Zoo claims the fears are really unfounded, scrapped in 2015 following a number of complaints.  A report claims a man pour alcohol over a tiger. Another person stripped off and tried to enter the pool.

Chris Draper, “The flow of visitors increases the stress animals undergo, be it any time of the day.”

An animal activist, “Adding more events at night on a daily basis increases the animals worry.”

“It raises the animal’s prospect of bad behavior. Music is not part of their daily routine.”

Dismissing the proceedings as irresponsible, the activist said the authorities are sending home a message “that it’s normal to treat animals as an object of entertainment.”

UK’s largest animal groups, the PETA and RSPCA, have sent statements that request the zoo to cancel the event.

People drinking alcohol and mixing animals can produce bad results.  PETA’s Elisa added, “ To conduct such parties which cause them distress and fear and pose an issue of harm to them is unnecessary.”

Previously called Zoo Lates, the parties will happen around various animal cages, alongside a range of entertainment and live music.

The annual events proved as a good fundraising venture with more than 60,000 attendees. They generated $630,000 USD.

The London Zoo hosts over 20,000 animals.

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