Love Drama With Twists For Bird Watchers – You Will Never Guess Till The End

Love Drama With Twists For Bird Watchers
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It’s a story that even the top Hollywood movie directors would want to capture on screen-a hungry raccoon, loss and heartbreak, a threat from outside, and two-crossed lovers.

Washingtonians and other bird watchers have been kept busy this winter by two bald eagles, Justice and Liberty who have raised a family for 14 years. They have lived together on the police academy’s ground.

Their regular hatching process and other activities like egg-laying draw a lot of fans to a unique ‘eagle cam‘.

This 2019 has been strange, with plenty of turns and twists that became the talk of the town even outside the bird-watcher community.

Tommy Lawrence said, “ It’s been  an excellent roller-coaster-ride.” He heads the Earth Conservation Corps and is in charge of the eagle cam. This organization has played a big role in repopulating the depleting local bald eagles.

The bigger drama was reserved for Liberty. The Liberty and Justice mated on February 9, 2019. Generally, Liberty would lay a maximum of two eggs and spend sitting on the eggs while they incubated. The Justice eagle would get the food.

This time around, Justice vanished after mating, making Liberty’s life miserable. During this period, a male eagle showed up at the nest. Researchers named this eagle “Aaron Burrd” and this male rival made some appearances.

The next 10 days was nothing short of drama. Liberty started to take shorter flights. On February 23, she flew away abandoning her eggs.  She was accompanied by the suitor.

The very next day, Justice made his entry after a fortnight ’s absence to establish his supremacy. He was initially rejected but eventually accepted by Liberty.

While the reunited Eagles were busy making ends meet, a raccoon ate all the eggs. The eggs were not ready to hatch.

Lawrence announced hot news-Liberty and Justice, after reuniting, had mated now. On March 7, 2019, once again, Justice vanished and later returned after five days.

Other Eagle Stories…

The love story of Liberty and Justice is not the only eye-catching drama. Washington’s Blue Line Metro was halted for some time to save a bald eagle stuck in the track. Sources say the eagle was euthanized later.

Another eagle cam, placed at the National Arboretum, focused on two eagles, The First Lady, and Mr. President. The First Lady had a tough time when another eagle tried to steal Mr. President. She was rightly chased away off without much commotion.

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