A Bizarre Pancake-Like Mola Fish Recently Spotted In Australia

Mola Fish Recently Spotted In Australia
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Some days back, an ocean sunfish aroused the curiosity of beachgoers in Australia. The mola fish.

Mola, the world’s largest fish from the bony family and can easily weigh a lot more than a car. This fish was only discovered in 2017. These bony fishes love to sunbathe on the surface, are equipped with special sunk yachts.

The mola is a bizarre-looking fish.  It consists of teeth only in its throat, pair of googly eyes, and moves like a big piece of floating wood. The mola has side-to-side regular fish fins, but also anal fins and dorsal.

This protrudes almost vertically and these flappers can reach close to 14 feet. The mola can weigh close to 5,000 pounds.

It may look strange, but the sunfish can move quickly. As per reports, they have been documented as fast as at least 21.6 feet per second. This speed is enough to give the yellowfin tuna a run for its money.

There are not many details known about this fish because the fish is unbelievably shy. It is not clear how their fins navigate when they are traveling at different times.

Moreover, it is not clear what these fishes eat, the main differences between adult fish and young fish, and how long they survive.

At present, these fishes are now being discovered in new places, feeding the imagination of beachgoers everywhere.

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