Orangutans Murdered For Gain; When Will Authorities Take Action?

Orangutans Murdered For Gain
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Orangutans are being murdered in the wild. Why? Orangutans babies are sold off as domestic pets to the rich.

The jungle animals are kept in cages in their native place in Indonesia. It is illegal to house an orangutan and as per reports, activists claim zero arrests in these cases.

A clip has now emerged where one orangutan named Bom Bom has been kept hidden by the Indonesian’s officer’s wife.

The caged orangutan is now free. The wildlife officers are keen to offer a new lease of life to the imprisoned animal.

Dr. Singleton works at a welfare center for pets released him from captivity.

He told reporters, “ A mom orangutan will never leave her infant alone unless and until they are forcefully separated.” “She will always fight till death to save her baby.”

These animals are the most traded ape in the world and around 4000 get killed each year.

The average cost of an orangutan is around $22,180 USD.UN estimates 6000 animals including chimps and gorillas at the black market. Around 70% of these captured animals are orangutans.

The number of slaughtered orangutans are much higher than other primates. Other animals travel in groups.

Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand are the main illegal hubs for the sale of orangutans. The Middle East and Europe are also other big markets.