World’s Rarest Spots At Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo

World’s Rarest Spots At Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo
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Beardsley Zoo in Connecticut is on cloud nine. Why? Welcome spots!

The Beardsley Zoo ’s, Freya, an Amur leopard, gave birth to cute little cubs on January 25. The cubs, a girl, and a boy survived the birth.

The leopard had three cubs and the third one had to be put-to-sleep because of “maternal-induced injuries.”

The caretakers at the zoo are hand-raising the surviving cubs. At present, both the babies are not in the mother’s care due to safety reasons. Maternal-induced-injuries were a problem for the cubs because of mother leopard’s hyper-grooming behavior.

The female cub had to lose her tail due to her mother’s behavior. She is now doing good after emergency surgery. Freya and her cub are healthy and fine.

Amur leopards are declared by experts as the world’s rarest feline. Experts claim there is no more than 80 Amur leopard’s left in this wild.

Zoo Director Dancho said, “Amur leopards are pushed to the level of extinction.”

The birth of newborns brings new hope to the dwindling population of Amur leopards. The newborn cub has a rare color variant and it is called melanism. Melanistic cats suffer from a condition wherein the body produces an enormous amount of black pigment.

The Freya and cubs will stay under the care until the cubs grow a little bit old. Zoo authorities will be shown to the public once the little ones are a bit more independent.

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