No More Peacocks, American Airlines Permits Only Cats And Dogs

American Airlines Permits Cats And Dogs
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American Airlines from coming April will permit people to travel with a cat or a dog.

Restrictions will be eased, but, for other animals, must have proper training. Airlines stated it would permit cats, dogs, and in some cases, small horses if trained as service animals.

Service and support animals should not be less than four months old. The main reason for not allowing younger animals is they would not have received vaccination shots required to protect employees and passengers, Airlines said. A document approved by a vet is compulsory for passengers willing to travel with pet animals.

The American said, “The goal of these changes is to protect customers who have a legitimate need as well as the team members who work every day to keep all customers safe.”

These new rules will come into effect from April 1, 2019.

Airlines spokesperson Scott said that “Passengers who plan to travel can still bring younger pets, and they should be kept in kennels that fit right under the plane seat.”

Airlines have been asking travelers to follow the new set of rules. The passengers are requested to vouch for the animal’s behavior during flight travel.

United Airlines, for instance, adopted certain restrictions, on the different types of service and support animals, it permits on board. The four-month animal age limit is also in place. The reason for such a change is because of a passenger who wanted to travel with a pet peacock.

Delta Air Lines stopped emotional-support animals mainly on flights longer than 8 hours. The Air Lines also stopped all animals under the age of four. It cited a threat caused by one of the dogs that traveled with a passenger last year.

US federal laws allow airlines to enable passengers with disabilities to travel with emotional support and service animals. Support and service animals fly free of cost.

The Transportation authority stated it was ready to bring in some restrictions, including limiting travelers to one support animal.

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