American Skyscrapers – The Modern Bird Killing Fields

American Skyscrapers Kill Birds
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The United States skyscrapers kill close to 600 million birds a year. In fact, Dallas, Houston, and Chicago are the most notorious cities.

An estimated 500-600 million birds are killed by skyscrapers every year.  Mostly during fall and spring migrations, these feathered creatures are attracted to the light of skyscrapers and homes alike.

The birds crash right into their windows.

Scott Loss, a professor at Oklahoma University, presented a saddening statistic. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology discovered that Dallas, Houston, and Chicago are the top American cities bad for birds.

The main culprits are the artificial light.

Dallas, Houston, and Chicago are strategically positioned in the main center of America’s most populated aerial corridors.

Cecilia Nilsson, the expert, says, “now that we are aware of the places where these birds get hit, we can increase our conservation efforts.”

Simple tips like incorporating bird-friendly design, switching off unwanted lights can play a good role in this issue.

The Lab has created a website “Birdcast,” which offers migration forecasts.

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