Brookings Fire Department Owns Pet Saving Equipments

Brookings Fire Department Owns Pet Saving Equipments
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Firefighters work hard not only to save human lives but also pets. A lot of pet lovers are more concerned about the welfare of their pets than their family members.

In recent times, the Brookings Fire Department had bought life-saving pet equipment in the form of a pet oxygen mask.

Darrell Hartmann, chief officer, Brookings Fire Service, said, “The pet masks are a lot like human masks but specially made for pets.”

There are three sizes of pet masks including large, medium, and small.

They are simple to use.

According to a pet owner, “I think that the Brookings Fire Department always does a great job of taking care of their own along with other emergency response teams and just knowing that they’re making these efforts to make sure that all the people of Brookings and pets are safe, is a really great feeling.”

How does it function?

They work like a human mask with an elastic headband worn around the head.

Important life-saving equipment for your feline friends.

The chief says a department captain played a vital role in getting this kit and it is fixed on a rescue truck for emergency evacuation.

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