Do Princess Charlotte And Prince George Own Any Pets?

Do Princess Charlotte and Prince George Own Any Pets?
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It’s an open secret that the royal family has scores of animal lovers. Queen Elizabeth II loved all her corgis. But, do Princess Charlotte and Prince Charles own any pets? Let’s find out!

Princess Charlotte’s  Cool Pet

Lupo is not the only family pet of the royal household. After Princess Charlotte’s birth, a cool hamster made its way into this household.

In 2016, Kate spoke about her daughter’s Marvin. She also spoke about how much Charlotte loves her pet.

Late Princess Diana, also owned lovely hamsters while she was young. It seems Diana has two hamsters and were named “Little Black Puff” and “Little Black Muff.”

She was so fond that a picture of them sat majestically on her table.  In addition to these pets, she also had Souffle, a Shetland pony, a cat, and a guinea pig.

Prince George’s Lupo

Both Kate and Williams are animal lovers. In particular, before Prince George entered their life, the couple owned a dog.

Some years ago, the media was filled with Kate and Williams photographed with their affectionate and friendly English Cocker Spaniel dog. The Duchess of Cambridge later revealed the name of the dog as “Lupo,” meaning “Wolf” in Italian.

The dog’s name symbolically represented the Middleton’s paternal ancestry, whose family crest consisted of wolves.

After Prince George was born in 2013, Lupo has been his favorite sidekick.  Lupo can be seen in different family photos as well.

Some Other Pets Part Of The Royal Household….

The Cambridge household has some more pets in their kitty. The Anmer Hall country farm host chickens.

In 2017, Kate said about her cuckoos.

The Duchess said at that time they owned an “incubator full of eggs.”

Prince William owned a Widget, a dog, and a rabbit while Kate had Tilly, a dog, and some guinea pigs.

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