Gamebird Brood Observation App For Birds

Gamebird Brood Observation App for Birds
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Wildlife researchers at Oklahoma University have launched a new app for birds.

The Gamebird Brood Observation app as it is called is absolutely free of cost and both Android and iPhone users can download this app.

Just search for this app at the respective app store. It’s created to document observations of game birds, mostly to find out annual reproduction.

Merits of Gamebird Brood Observation App

  • The main purpose of this app is to enable people to document the exact number of game birds they witness in the field.
  • This vital piece of data will help researchers and biologists to gain better knowledge about the bird hunting period.
  • People can enter the details any time, but the researchers are more happy to learn about observations during the season, April through
  • The gamebirds selected for this app-
    • Wild Turkey
    • Ring-Necked Pheasant
    • Bobwhite quail
    • Prairie-chicken
    • Scaled blue quail
  • Once you open the app, choose the appropriate bird for observation.
  • You should enter these details in the app-
  • How many big birds are present?
  • How many poults do you observe?
  • The place of observation
  • The date
  • Any piece of information the user wishes to share

The app is simple, easy to use, and quick. The only drawback is that this app will become popular only when more and more people across America download and use this app.

Researchers are waiting to receive data from as many places as possible.

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