Gaze Your Way Into Pet’s Heart – Strengthen The Bond

Gaze Your Way Into Pet’s Heart
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A new Japanese scientific study has revealed that gazing into your pet’s eyes could steadily strengthen the bond with your dog friend.

As per the details published in a Science magazine, casual gazing between the owner and its pet enhances the bond between human and animal.

Humans exchange love as we simply gaze into other’s eyes,  the reason being the release of the hormone oxytocin.

Researchers claim that such gaze based relationship also exists between dogs and humans.

The Japanese research team concluded that mutual gazing enhances oxytocin levels.  When dogs sniff oxytocin, the gazing phenomenon increases,  which passes to their respective owners.

The report says dogs are more susceptible to such a gaze and not wolves.

Domestication of dogs would have started this behavior, according to researchers.

They also state that nasally given oxytocin enhanced gazing in dogs, and this, in turn, enhanced urinary oxytocin in owners.

The report concludes by saying the coevolution between human and dog exist for a long time.

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