Massachusetts Woman Found Living In A Van With 22 Dogs

Massachusetts Woman Found Living In A Van With Dogs
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A woman now faces an animal cruelty case after she was stopped by police. The woman was simply stopped for a traffic problem in Wethersfield.

According to sources, Suzanne Muzaffer from Massachusetts, 58, was seen living with her pets.

Police said they accidentally stopped a Van for a normal motor vehicle check on Monday. The incident took place around 9.30 a.m. local time.

During the check-up, police found that the woman had been living there for several months.

Police noticed small dogs in the vehicle’s front seat. Officials say the woman had some two dozen canines and a parrot with her.

The van was covered in animal waste and garbage.

“The officer informed the public health authorities to come because the situation was insanely bad. A veteran sergeant was reportedly heard saying that this is one of the worst things he has witnessed in his entire career so far,” another Police Officer Cetran said.

Police claim that the charged woman has a house in Massachusetts, yet they suspect she had been using her van for the past several months.

The authorities are now taking all the rescued dogs and bird to the shelter for a thorough evaluation. James claims some of the pets were in bad shape.

Police suspect that around seven dogs are fit enough for euthanization.

Suzanne faces animal cruelty charges. She is left out on bail after posing $ 1000 USD bail amount. The matter is due for a hearing in a fortnight.

Gomi Yashiki

Japanese mental health officials are concerned and worried about a practice called “Gomi Yashiki.”

This means “Garbage Mansion” in Japanese.

This refers to the home of those older persons who “collect garbage until someone knocks on their door for an inquiry.”

Psychologists claim these seniors are trying hard to offset their lack of communication and loneliness.

Does the Massachusetts woman suffer from loneliness? Let’s wait for further development.


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