5 Incredibly Insane Ways New Jerseyans Treat Dogs And Cats Much Better Than People

New Jerseyans Treat Dogs And Cats
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Are you a pet maniac? We will find out in just a bit.

There are people who simply don’t know the difference between their children and their pets. People with no kids, well, would not feel the difference.

There are some pet lovers who not only spoil their pets not knowing too much of anything is toxic.

Are they sound enough to distinguish their family and friends from their pets?

From exotic pet spas to cozy handmade pet beds, take a look at these weird things some New Jerseyans do for their pets.

Food arrogance-  Driving 60 miles daily to fetch raw goats milk for your cat. Some even serve a 23-veggie pate.

Have you served veggie pate to your kids?

Divorce is not only for humans- Your divorce agreement assures regular pick up of “Toad” every other weekend.

DNA profiling- A DNA test can reveal the real identity of your dog, whether it is 12.5% pug when you believed he was actually a purebred.

Gifts, gifts, and more gifts- Pamper the pet with gifts for every special occasion.

Express your love to your pet with cute messages such as “ Woof Days Ahead, Have a special fetching New Year, Happy Uurrrlidays!”

Leave her alone-  You allocate the main bedroom for your pet and cram yourself on a small bed.

Pets Must Be Crazy!

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