MCAC And Pet Hub Offer – Advanced Pet Tag To Locate Lost Pets In No Time

Pet Tag To Locate Lost Pets
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Macomb County Animal Control now offers a brand new advanced pet tag which protects their pet from going missing.

Collaborating with Pet-Hub, if a dog is lost, a pet lover who locates the pet can easily scan the tag and get details.  You can scan the tag using your mobile phone.

According to Jeff Randazzo(Chief, MCAC), a stolen pet can reach home safely within hours.

The second the tag is scanned, it will display whatever things a good samaritan will require to contact the owner.

Pet Hub now offers a 24/7 live person customer service to locate the lost pet at the earliest.

How Pet Tag Works?

Visit and create a new online account. Connect the tag using a QR code.

When the OR code is scanned, anyone can see the owner details and let them know.

The USP of this pet tag is its speed in getting the pet safely back to its owner within an hour or so.

A resident welcomed this new pet registration.

What will happen if you have misplaced your mobile?  No problem. The finder can contact the phone numbers present in the tag.

When the finder spells out the pet’s license number, he can reach the pet owner. The pet finder can also contact, trace the license number, and get details to call the owner.

For more details about this digital pet registration, visit –

You can also contact the shelter at this number– 586 469 5115

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