Tinder Like App For Dogs – Matches Aren’t Made Anymore In Heaven!

Tinder For Dogs
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If she steals your soul, select her.

Vaidas Gecevicius of Lithuania has developed an interesting app to match potential pet owners with stray fidos.

Created by a team of dedicated and sincere animal and dog lovers, “GetPet” is getting more downloads with every passing minute.

This app shows a lot of potential buddy matches happily waiting for a caretaker.  If you are keen to learn more about a particular pet, then scroll down. Swipe right if you like your pick.

One of the founders of “GetPet” Vaidas stated that they got this lovely idea after watching stray dogs through a window.

This app was just launched last month.

The creators were aware that there are other apps such as BarkBuddy and PawsLikeMe that guides you to find a pet.

The app is one-sided and it means the pets are spared from the swiping experience.

This app now features only dogs but other pets are not far away.

According to a pet shelter founder, this app is trying to solve an age-old problem.

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