Wear Your Pet’s Face Masks For $2700 – Super Realistic!

Wear Your Pet’s Face Masks
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If you miss your pet on your business and other official trips, Japanese company workshop 91 has a solution for you – Wear your pet’s face masks.

As per reports, 91 has collaborated with Shindo Rinka to create real-eerie masks of their own pets.

The masks are so realistic that it can give your pet a run for its money.

These custom made masks are called “My Family”. This mask symbolizes the bond an owner can have with his pet.

How “My Family” Masks are made?

Making this mask is not a joke. Pet owners who wish to get a mask done send in their pet’s photo. Using this photo, a basic mask gets made.

Once the mold mask is ready, faux fur is used and then meticulously painted to match the pet’s markings.

This pet mask is not for the average earners. These masks cost $2,700.

To buy one of these masks, you need to fill a form available in the Shinko Rinka website(お問い合わせ/). It is not clear whether this company has international shipping.


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