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Weed For Pet Ailments
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Is Hunt a bit over excited? Ruby feeling uneasy… Israeli startup company Weedley launches organic hemp-derived CBD oil in different forms for horses, cats, and dogs.

The concept of CBD is not new for animals. These products are sold along with cannabis. They provide relief from pet aggression, allergies, inflammation, skin conditions, arthritis, seizures, anxiety, stress, and pain.

Weedley’s team include Sahar Meiron, Itay Ben Mordechai, and vet Dr. Erez Hanael.

According to Dr. Erez Hanael, “There are many products that contain cannabis extract. We wanted to create something  more reliable and effective.”

How Weedley started its operation?

Sahar Meiron explains, “One of my friend’s father was consuming medical cannabis. Parkinson’s disease made him weak. It started that way”

Sahar is handling Weedley’s operations and sales.

The team claims CBD oil reduces the stress caused by thunderstorms in pets.

Weedley was part of Gour Medical, a French-based company dealing in commercial vet products.

Weedley’s oil treats, balms, and drops are obtained from Cannabis Sativa, a substance containing more percentage of CBD.

The company’s website enables pet lovers to choose the right product for their pet. It’s sold online, distributed from Holland, the company’s logistics center.

In association with Pet Pace, Weedley is now studying how CBD can treat osteoarthritis signs in dogs and cats.

Meiron says, “There are a lot of opportunities. Perhaps, CBD can improve milk production in cows. We will soon open our own research lab as well as an extraction center.”

“We sincerely hope that this venture of ours can guide many pet lovers to improve their pet’s life in a short span of time.”

California Vets Could Recommend Medical Marijuana

The California Senate voted to allow pet lovers of age 18 or more buy medical marijuana for pets if a vet has recommended it.

The main aim of this bill is to give protection to vets. This bill would now prevent the Vet Board from stopping vets who prescribe marijuana.

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