Wanna Know What Your Doggie Looks Like As A Feline?

Wanna Know What Your Doggie Looks Like As a Feline
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Have you ever thought what your pet doggie would be like as a feline? The graphics processor giant, Nvidia, has launched a new tool called PetSwap.

Nvidia, the company that deals in generative works, AI, and graphics processor is the brain behind this venture. Without explaining too much about the process, PetSwap depends on a huge treasure trove of information to generate faces.

The software compares the images it actually has with the image of your dog or cat. It tries to generate an image based on both these inputs.

Let’s be honest, you are more interested to know what your doggie or kitty would look like. PetSwap is available as a demo. To try it, visit the website. Upload your pet’s picture. Using the mouse, select the pet’s head.

After this step, click the translate button to witness the horror.

If, in case, the website does not work, make sure you read all the instructions given in yellow.  For more and more horrible picture, keep clicking the translate button repeatedly.

Like much other insane software, PetSwap can help you beat the stress after a hard day’s work.

The Most Important Question – Do Dogs Behave Like Cats?

Some doggies are better equipped to behave more like a cat. If you are an obsessive dog lover and believe that felines are better at scratching, jumping on furniture, and chasing mice, it means you are overlooking some qualities.

Some of the well-received cat characteristics include being smart, self-confident, assertive, cuddling, and loyal.

Dogs breeds like Shiba Inu, Mi-Ki, and  Italian Greyhound are capable enough to demonstrate feline-like behavior.

These doggies can demonstrate grooming and cat-like lounging behaviors.

Both dogs and cats can feed off on each other’s behaviors.

Don’t worry if your doggie behaves like a cat. Everyone loves a cat and there is no specific reason behind this favorable decision, say experts.

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