Rare Alien-Like “Xenomorph” Caught In Australia

Rare Alien-Like “Xenomorph” Caught in Australia
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Do you remember the “Xenomorph” bursting out from Hurt’s chest in the movie “Alien?”

If you are interested to see a rare, “alien-like”  fish, then head straight to Australia.

We mean it!

This fish has irregular facial features with razor-sharp teeth and no eyes.

Last month, a team of anglers was doing their job in Australia’s Kakadu National Park. This Park is located in the Northern Territory.  The anglers pulled a 5.9 inches snake-like fish, a rare species that has ever been caught before.

With no eyes, the fish looks very much like the ugly creature out of the movie “Alien.”

According to one of the anglers who were present when the fish was caught said, “ Its purple y-brown in color. The body of the species looks like an eel, a weird head, and it appeared lifeless.”

The fish remained attached to the lure, they had to use force to free its suction.

Michael Hammer, a curator at the Museum Gallery recognized the creature as a worm. He believed the species belonged to the genus Taenioides.

The other species present in the genus mostly feed on small fish and crustaceans, but little is known about the creature’s behavior, sexuality, and habitat.

Worm gobies live under the mud, and Hammer claims there’s a possibility that this could be a new discovery of a rare species.

Hammer is requesting the public to share any piece of information if they ever see one. The fish might appear dangerous but it can only cause a small bite. The maximum length of this species could reach is around 50 cm.

The credit should go to ABC News Australia for reporting this story for the benefit of the general public.

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