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Abandoned Dogs – The Hardest Pain To Heal

Abandoned Dogs
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1. A stone-hearted dog owner abandons his pet. The dog frantically chases the car after left stranded on the street…

The disturbing video footage shows a man kicking and shoving his pet dog on a quiet stretch by Lake Ming. Lake Ming is located in Bakersfield, California.

The dog behaves playfully not aware of the intentions of his owner.

When the dog resists, the owner walks silently back to his vehicle and drives away.

The anonymous dog tries hard to enter the driver’s seat, but its owner pushes her away driving his Black Sedan as quickly as possible.

The footage further shows the abandoned dog running after the black sedan, and almost surviving a head-on collision with an oncoming car.

Stephen Silver, a passerby,  who was watching all this commotion from his car recorded this unfortunate event.

Silver posted this video on his Facebook page before it went viral and several people condemned this incident.

Kern County Animal authorities have started their investigation into this incident asking the general public for more details.

The abandoned dog is now safe at a local rescue shelter.

2. The San Diego Humane Society has recently rescued two badly cared dogs abandoned in Escondido.

As per reports, a guy dumped the dogs on Feb 3, 2019. Responsible officers brought them safely to the Escondido’s campus.

The dogs are, at present, quarantined after showing signs of parasite infections. Animal care personnel have treated them with love and care.

Authorities have started a felony investigation and the process of locating the owners are going on in full swing.

The Society informed that the abandoned puppies are well and good. The dogs will be ideally put up for adoption it seems.

The authorities are offering $1,000 USD for giving information leading to the accused.

Locals with information can call 619-299-7012 or 888-580-8477.

This brings us to a more sensitive question- why people abandon dogs?

Abandoning dogs is a painful experience that happens quite often even in developed countries like the United States of America.

The kind of emotional pain that a dog undergoes when she or he is abandoned is absolutely horrifying.

Common reasons for abandonment include-

  • People are unaware of animal shelters or rescue homes for pets
  • The cost could be a factor
  • Irresponsible way of life and not considering dogs as a living being with feelings is a major factor

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