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Cat Pregnancy Calculator And Timeline Calendar

Congratulations to your tabby! Well, you will be eagar to know the estimated whelping date of your cat, Right? If you provide the first day of mating information, we will tell you the estimated due date of your tabby by considering the 65 days of gestation period. But, the date may vary according to the extension of your cat’s gestation period (usually 1 week of extension) at times. Not only that, you will also get to know the week-by-week developmental changes in your cat. So,you will be able to make the necessary arrangements for whelping and can handle your tabby with care and without fear.

Date of Mating

Expected Due Date

Your Cat Pregnancy Timeline Details

  • Beginning of fertilization, Implantation of the fertilized egg.

  • Egg development, Weight gain, Nipple enlargement and turning pink.

  • Vomiting, Morning sickness, Loss of appetite.

  • End of fourth week, you can feel kittens inside the cat’s belly, Consistent weight gain, Vet performs manual examination of your cat, May even reveal the number of litters.

  • Increase in appetite, Provide for extra nutrition, minerals and iron to keep her and the kittens healthy, You can notice the visible movement of kittens.

  • Increase in belly size and the belly will look large and rounded, Loss of appetite.

  • Belly size increases, Your Cat is getting ready for nesting, She may choose a suitable place of birth, Loss of appetite.

  • You can see the kittens move inside the belly visibly, Nipple enlargement, Your cat grooms herself a lot, Secretion of a few drops of milk from the nipples, Shedding of belly hair begins, Loss of appetite.

  • GET READY! LABOR WEEK. Average gestation perio of cats is 63 to 65 days. She will stop eating two days before the kittens arrive, Vaginal discharge and she will pant and meow.

  • The Birth(Approximately on the 65th day)

    And, here the kittens arrive one by one. Congratulations!
  • May extend to tenth week. Contact vet to make sure all is ok with your Queen.


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