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180+ Best Science Dog Names Under All Science Categories

Science Dog Names
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Archaeological estimates suggest that the domestication of ancient dogs has taken place somewhere between 15,000 and 30,000 years ago. We aren’t sure exactly why and where it first happened.

And, since then they’ve established to be among the most helpful and loyal animal companions. Consider that we’ve been living with them for more than 150 centuries. It’s quite likely that they’ll be with us into the future as well.

Let’s just cut to the chase…

Delightful dogs are pretty much the best. When you combine them with science, it would literally make them better than the best.

So, what are the top picks for the best science dog names? It’s a most important question that keeps many of us awake at night (just kidding). Therefore, as a part of our commitment, we compiled the list of best dog names wrapping all science categories.

Chemistry Dog Names

Do you remember the periodic table taught in your chemistry class? And, have you ever inspired by those elements?

You can have chemistry as a category to choose names for your puppy, then! An umpteen number of names you will get from this branch of science.

The element names (e.g. Iridium) and their Latin variants (e.g. Stibium) will inspire you. You can even name your canine with a funny compound name such as “megaphone.”

Also, you will be able to pick the names of procedures such as “titra (titration)” and the equipment (bury (burette)) used in the laboratories. Those names will be quite interesting and best suit your dog as well.

  1. Amina – Referring to the “amino acid, a simple organic compound”
  2. Argon – The most common noble gas
  3. Arso – Short name of the chemical compound “Arsole”
  4. Atom – The basic unit of a chemical element
  5. Boro – Refers to “Boron, a chemical element”
  6. Benzy – Short form of the aromatic compound “Benzene”
  7. Beryll – It refers to “Beryllium, a hard gray metal”. You can keep the name for your grayish companion Labrador.
  8. Beaker – A cylindrical glass container used in laboratories
  9. Bury – Modified name of “Burette, a glass tube with a tap at one end”
  10. Carba – Refers to “carbon, a metalloid”
  11. Cobal – A hard magnetic metal that is silvery white, can suit your pet of that shade
  12. Campho – Refers to “camphor, a flammable, transparent, waxy and aromatic solid”
  13. Cupra – It denotes “cuprum, the Latin name of copper”
  14. Dick – Refers to “Dickite, a clay-like mineral”
  15. Dolo – Refers to “Dolomite, anhydrous carbonate mineral”
  16. Ferrous – A compound having the divalent cation “Fe²⁺”
  17. Fuka – Short form of the mineral “Fukalite, which consists of oxygen, calcium, and silicon”
  18. Gally – Denoting “Gallium, a soft silvery-white metal”
  19. Helia – the Modified name of “Helium, an inert gas”
  20. Holm – Refers to “Holmium, a soft silvery-white metal”
  21. Hydra – Short form of “Hydragyrum, the Latin name of mercury”
  22. Indo – Refers to “Indium, a naturally occurring alkali metal”
  23. Ion – An atom or molecule with a net electric charge, suitable for your tiny-tot pet
  24. Krypto – Refers to “Krypton, a noble gas used in electric light”
  25. Lithia – the Modified name of the element “lithium, used primarily in psychiatric medication”
  26. Magna – It denotes “magnesium, a chemical element as well as a nutrient”
  27. Nicky – Referring the element “nickel, a lustrous metal in silvery-white color”
  28. Nitro – Short form of nitrogen, suitable for your tiny tiny
  29. Mega – Denoting “megaphone, a molecule”
  30. Moron – Refers to “moronic acid, an organic acid found in Pistacia resin”
  31. Oxy – Short form of “Oxygen, a reactive nonmetal”
  32. Pipy – Refers to “pipette, a slender tube used in laboratories”
  33. Pico – Name of a chemical corporation in Illinois
  34. Platina – It refers to the chemical element “Platinum”
  35. Plumbo – Refers to “Plumbum, the Latin name of lead”
  36. Radia – Denoting “radium, a rare radioactive metal”
  37. Ruth – It refers to “Ruthenium, a chemical element”
  38. Sodo – Referring to “Sodium, a mineral”
  39. Selena – the Modified name of the nonmetal “Selenium”
  40. Stanny – Refers to the “Stannum, the Latin name of the element Tin”
  41. Stiba – Short form of Stibium, the Latin name of chemical element Antimony”
  42. Stront – Refers to “Strontium, a non-radioactive element”
  43. Tin – A chemical element
  44. Tanta – Denoting “Tantalum, a hard metal in silver-gray color”
  45. Titra – The common laboratory method of quantitative chemical analysis
  46. Vana – Referring to the ductile metal “Vanadium”
  47. Vapor – It refers to smoke from the air
  48. Wolfra – Referring “wolfrum, the Latin name of Tungsten”- suited for your husky breed
  49. Zinca – A brittle metal
  50. Zirca – Short name of “Zircon, a mineral”

Scientist Dog Names

A lot more scientists have contributed their work to many fields of science. They inspire many people with their works.

You may be no exception and the legacy of them might have pushed you to forward thinking. So, this thinking may also help you to find an inspiring name for your dog!

If you feel that science plays a big role in your life, you can find some scientist names suit well to your affectionate canine. You can choose the first name, last name or even a nickname of the inventors and scientists.

For example, you can name your either as “Issac” or as “Newton.”

  1. Boole – Name of an English Mathematician, famous for Boolean algebra
  2. Curie – A French physicist who conducted research on radioactivity
  3. Crick – The British molecular biologist, who was the co-discoverer of DNA structure
  4. Dalton – An English meteorologist, famous for his work in atomic theory
  5. Daniel – Greek Mathematician knew as “the Father of Geometry”
  6. Darwin – An English Naturalist and geologist who formed the “Theory of Evolution”
  7. Halley – An English astronomer who computed the orbit of a comet
  8. Gauss – The German mathematician, called as the “Prince of Mathematicians”
  9. Hubble – An American astronomer who played a role in establishing extragalactic astronomy.
  10. Jenner – An English scientist who invented the vaccine for smallpox
  11. Kepler – The German mathematician and astrologer, who was best known for his laws of planetary motion
  12. Mendel – Founder of modern genetics
  13. Pascal – A French Mathematician, physicist, and inventor
  14. Franklin – The scientist who showed how electricity was a force of nature
  15. Whitney – Inventor of the cotton gin

Physics Dog Names

Are you a nature lover? And, do you own a dog?

Choosing a name for your canine may be an easy and wonderful task for you, then! That is, “blossom” is not the only name for your canine. But, the name “matter” will also speak about the nature.

Yes, physics will help you to find some powerful and exciting names to your dog. The names of physics terms, measures and even the names of theories will be the purrfect choice!

  1. Amper – Denotes to “Ampere, the unit of current”
  2. Big Bang – Creation of universe
  3. Black hole – A region of empty space
  4. Candela – Unit to measure luminous intensity
  5. Circuit – A rough circular movement that starts and finishes at the same place
  6. Electro – Denoting “electron, a subatomic particle with negative electric charge”
  7. Energy – Strength required for physical or mental activity
  8. Gamma – Representation of the specific heat ratio
  9. Inertia – Referring to “inertia, an object’s tendency to resist change in its state of motion”
  10. Lumina – The central cavity of a tubular structure
  11. Light – Referring to an electromagnetic radiation
  12. Magnet – A piece of iron that has a powerful attraction
  13. Mass – A measure to determine the amount of matter
  14. Matter – Denotes a thing that has both mass and volume
  15. Ohm – Unit of resistance
  16. Volt – The SI unit of electromotive force
  17. Proto – A subatomic particle with a positive electric charge
  18. Ray – A stream from any luminous body
  19. Rada – Referring to “radiation, the emission of energy”
  20. Wave – Disturbance of a field

Math Dog Names

If you are looking for a marvelous name, math names may be the apt choice for your dogs!

You will able to get more math names as it is a vast subject. The geometric shapes, math terms, numbers, digits and even its fields will yield various names for your canine!

  1. Alpha – A letter used to denote the area underneath a normal curve
  2. Array – It refers to an ordered series
  3. Angle – Referring to the space between two intersecting lines
  4. Arc – A smooth curve that joins two points
  5. Axis – An imaginary line about which a body rotates
  6. Beta – Refers to beta function, an association between a set of input and output values
  7. Circle – Denotes a spherical and plane figure
  8. Cipher – Refers to a figure “0”
  9. Cosine – The trigonometric function
  10. Curvy – It refers to a curve, gradual deviation of a line
  11. Digit – A numeral that forms the part of a number
  12. Hedron – A geometric solid having plane faces
  13. Micro – Referring to the micron, the unit of length, a name for all your cutie tiny puppies
  14. Matrix – Rectangular array of numbers
  15. Point – It refers to a location in geometry
  16. Poly – Denoting “polygon, a plane figure with three straight sides”
  17. Rhombo – It refers to a rhombus, a quadrilateral with all sides of equal length
  18. Square – Denoting to the multiplication of a number by itself
  19. Quarter – It is one-fourth of four equal parts
  20. Vector – A quantity having both direction and magnitude

Astronomy Dog Names

If you are in search of a dog name that speaks about maths, physics, and chemistry, go for astronomical names. The entire universe helps us to achieve the thing we want. Same way, your dogs!

The man’s best friend, dogs provide us comfort and relieve us from fear. So, the astronomical names will be awesome for these loyal creatures.

Stars are many and their names will be scintillating for your pet. You can pick the name of planets and celestial objects as well.

  1. Andromeda – A galaxy, meaning “ruler of man”
  2. Ariel – A shiny moon in uranus
  3. Astra – Meaning “star” in Greek
  4. Aurora – An electrical phenomenon
  5. Bianca – Name of a small moon in Uranus
  6. Cosmo – Meaning universe
  7. Eclipse – An astronomical event
  8. Galaxy – A gravitationally bound system of stars
  9. Gravity – Force that attracts a body toward the Earth’s centre
  10. Jericho – Meaning “city of the moon” in Arabic language
  11. Jupiter – It is the fifth planet from the sun
  12. Leo – Name of a constellation containing clusters of shiny stars
  13. Libra – Name of a constellation
  14. Luna – Referring to “the moon”
  15. Lyra – A constellation in the northern hemisphere
  16. Mars – A planet, God of War in Roman mythology
  17. Mercury – The smallest planet in the solar system
  18. Miranda – Name of the moon in Uranus
  19. Moon – A natural satellite of the earth
  20. Nash – Name of a Sagittarius star
  21. Neso – A moon with a longest orbital period
  22. Nova – Meaning “new star”
  23. Orion – The brightest constellation in the sky
  24. Pluto – A dwarf planet
  25. Saros – Refers to the “saros cycle”
  26. Sirius – The brightest star
  27. Star – Luminous ball of gas
  28. Vega – The fifth shiniest star in the solar system
  29. Venus – The second planet from the sun
  30. Vulcan – Name of the hypothetical planet

Biology Dog Names

Next, to medical names, biology names will also be beautiful to your dog. Such names also speak about natural things.

You will be able to find more names in this category. Taxonomical names, names of plants, terms will be a great choice for your canine!

  1. Alga – Aquatic plant of a large group
  2. Chlamy – A single-celled green alga
  3. Flora – Referring to plants on a specific region
  4. Funga – Denoting fungus, a member of a eukaryotic organism
  5. Gene – A sequence of nucleotides
  6. Mush – Refers to mushroom
  7. Nomen – A system of names
  8. Order – A taxonomic rank used in the classification of organisms
  9. Species – Principal taxonomic unit
  10. Taxo – Referring to a scheme of classification

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Medical Dog Names

Dogs always show their love toward us. If you want to return the love back to it, you can do it in many ways. Naming your pooch is one among them!

Specifically, medical names for your dog will show others about their personality. To find the names in this category, you can choose the names of medicines, treatments or therapy names that help for better recovery.

Sometimes, the names of god or goddesses who are considered as healers will also be the best choice!

  1. Autopsy – A postmortem examination
  2. Angio – Refers to angiography, a medical imaging technique
  3. Asa – Meaning “healer”
  4. Brace – A device used for fitting purpose
  5. Collar – A medical device used to support a person’s neck
  6. Cure – Complete recovery from a disease
  7. Edema – Swelling
  8. Lesion – Wound
  9. Med – Short form of medicine
  10. Pulse – A rhythmic beat in the arteries
  11. Potion – Drink having medicinal power
  12. Polyp – Growth of thin tissue
  13. Remedy – Treatment or medicine for an injury
  14. Sirona – A Celto-German goddess for healing
  15. Specs – Refers to a pair of spectacles
  16. Splint – A stiff tool used in immobilization of a broken bone
  17. Suture – Refers to stitches
  18. Tablet – The solid dosage of medication
  19. Tonic – Liquid dosage, prescribed specifically for cough
  20. Tube – Referring to a plastic material

Nerdy Dog Names

Are you looking for a nerdy name for your dog? You can find a few computer-related names as cute.

Various terminologies are used in this field. It is a vast subject too! So, you can find more names in this way! You will also be able to look out for short and sweet names.

For example, you may name your dog a “bit, byte, etc.”

  1. Apache – A web server software
  2. Bit – It refers to the binary digit
  3. Bug – Digital issues in program
  4. Byte – A group of binary digits, The unit of memory size
  5. Chip – A silicon piece with embedded circuit
  6. Cisco – Name of a renowned networking firm
  7. Data – Collection of information
  8. Fifo – First in, first out
  9. Pixel – A dot on a display screen
  10. Socket – A part of Unix or Windows-based operating system
  11. Stack – An abstract data type

Programmer Dog Names

Are you a techie? Have you ever thought technology sounds good for your canine?

Your choice is appreciable. Tech names for your canine in the techie world will also make your dog popular. Those names will also seem funny as well!

  1. Basic – A high-level programming language
  2. Code – A collection of comments written using human-readable programming language
  3. Dos – Old, text-based operating system
  4. Kernal – a Computer program, which is the core of an operating system
  5. Java – A programming language
  6. Linux – An operating system
  7. Perl – High-level, dynamic programming language
  8. Python – A high-level programming language
  9. Ruby – a Programming language

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