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175+ Male And Female German Shepherd Names With Meanings

German Shepherd Names
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Has your family just welcomed the great German Shepherd? Now, the primary task as a pet parent is to find an everlasting name for this gorgeous dog breed.

Have you started the name search? You can do it in many ways, such as considering the gender, popularity and coat color of this breed as well as the roles played by this dog!

The smart, courageous, confident, loyal, steady and versatile German shepherd deserves a name that best suits its gentle conduct and attitude.

So, you have to keep in mind the following tips to find a gorgeous name for this breed despite no written rules in finding a perfect name for this breed.

Apart from the above things, it is always wise to consider the German Shepherd’s temperament and outward behavior when you want to name this dog.

Male German Shepherd Names

People love German Shepherds for their courage and confidence. So, a name that conveys the intelligence, strength, and courage of your male German shepherd will be a perfect fit for them!

Also, the best choice will be a name that represents the personality and the purpose of male dogs. For example, you can name your best protector as “watchman” and if he is intelligent enough, you can call him as “wit.”

You can also go for the names of popular legendary heroes such as Alexander, the famous German shepherd “Buddy, the first seeing eye dog,” and Rin Tin Tin, etc.

  1. Alfred – Wise, Short name of the American movie producer “Alfred Hitchcock”
  2. Ceasar – A title to denote the Roman emperors, Short name of the Roman emperor “Julius Caesar”
  3. Cyrus – Throne
  4. Charles – Name of the British ruler
  5. Duke – Title given to the British rulers
  6. Edward – Rich guard, Name of the Anglo-Saxon King “Saint Edward”
  7. Francis – Frenchman, Derived from the name “Pope Francis”
  8. George – First name of the American Commander-in-Chief “George Washington” during the Independence War
  9. Henry – Name of the late American Industrialist “Henry Ford”
  10. Ivan – Russian soldier
  11. John – Derived from the name of popular British pop star “John Lennon”
  12. Louis – Famous warrior in French
  13. Martin – Latin name has the meaning “god of war”
  14. Marcus – Refers to the “God of Mars”
  15. Napoleon – The name of the French ruler “Napoleon Bonaparte”
  16. Orion – Greek name that provides the meaning “rising in the sky”
  17. Prince – Monarch, Ruler
  18. Richard – Strong leader, Name of the British entrepreneur “Richard Branson”
  19. Rudolf – German name meaning “Fame” in English
  20. Solomon – Peace in Hebrew, Name of the Israeli king

Female German Shepherd Names

When you are looking for names that best suit your female, ensure that the name reflects its elegance and unique persona. For example, you can name her as “Angelina,” which will reflect its eternal beauty.

Powerful and inspirational names such as “Elizabeth” will also be the fabulous name for your female German shepherd. You can also name the females regarding their temperament and independent nature.

If your female is energetic, name her as cheerful and if she is friendly, name her as Jovial. But, don’t take the negative aspect of her while searching for names.

  1. Anne – Name of the famous queen of Great Britain
  2. Amelia – Industrious, Name of the American Author “Amelia Earhart”
  3. Catherine – French name meaning “Pure,” Name of the Duchess of Cambridge
  4. Diana – Refers to the Roman goddess of the moon, Late Princess of Wales
  5. Elizabeth – Hebrew name meaning “God is abundance,” Queen of the United Kingdom
  6. Erma – Warrior, a German name meaning “Goddess of War”
  7. Flicka – “Little girl” in Swedish
  8. Gretel – the German name for “Pearl”
  9. Gypsy – The other name for a wanderer
  10. Hazel – Chocolate, A tree name
  11. Hillary – A Greek name for “cheerful”
  12. Ida – German name meaning “labor”
  13. Joanna – Hebrew name meaning “God is Gracious”, Name of the Queen of Castile
  14. Kate – “Pure” in Hebrew
  15. Layla – Loyal, “Dark Beauty” in Arabic
  16. Malika – “Queen” in Arabic
  17. Mary – Refers to the mother of Jesus, Name of the Queen “Mary I” of England
  18. Margaret – the French name for “Pearl,” name of the queen of Scotland “Margaret Tudor”
  19. Michelle – French name meaning “gift from God”
  20. Nancy – Grace, a fictional character
  21. Petunia – Name of a trumpet-shaped flower
  22. Raven – Sable, refers to the constellation named “Corvus”
  23. Razia – An Arabic name to denote “happiness”
  24. Sabrina – Name of the character in the American web series “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”
  25. Sasha – Derived from the German name “Sascha,” meaning defending warrior
  26. Sheba – Promise in Hebrew
  27. Sophie – A Greek name for “wisdom, intelligence”
  28. Teena – Strong, healthy
  29. Venus – This name refers to the Roman Goddess of love and beauty
  30. Victoria – Name of the British Queen

Strong German Shepherd Names

The German shepherd has enormous strength to do tough roles and to withstand long hours. So, a name that strongly reflects the German shepherd’s role as the man’s best friend and a working partner will be an apt choice for it!

Keep in mind the dog’s muscle strength, bold nature, and unbelievable work ethics, you can find scintillating names for this strong breed.

You can also consider the names of famous people such as “Undertaker” etc. Finding the names that mean “Strong, strength” is also a wise idea!

Andrew – Brave, ManlyBertha – “Bright” in German
Arnold – Eagle powerErika – Means eternal ruler
Brian – Name of Irish origin, meaning “noble” in EnglishHeidi – Noble birth
Ethan – “Strong and firm” in HebrewJulie – Meaning vivacious
Harvey – Name of Anglo-Saxon Origin with meaning “blazing iron” in EnglishGabriella – “God is my Strength” in Hebrew
Lee – “Wood” in English, Name of the famous American general “Robert E. Lee”Gloria – Feminine form of glory
Polo – Name of Tibetan Origin with meaning “brave wanderer”Matilda – “Strong in battle”, Name of German origin
Takeshi – “Strong and healthy” in GermanNeena – Means gracious
Tyson – Nickname of a person having “fiery” temperamentValerie – “Strong” in Latin
Walter – “Ruler of Army” in GermanZola – Means Earth in Latin

Unique German Shepherd Names

Although every dog is unique through its own temperament, the German shepherd is specifically unique due to its agility, intelligence, and adaptability.

So, if you want to have a unique name for your German shepherd, keep in mind the inspirational things, people, places, foods, etc. It is also a wonderful idea to find names that represent their personality in different languages!

Arvin – “People’s friend” in EnglishAyla – Turkish name referring to the “halo of light around the moon”
Dedrick – “Gifted ruler” in DutchBijou – “Jewel” in French, precious name to your pet!
Fergie – “Rock” in GaelicHella – “Prosperous” in Greek
Jupiter – Roman god of sky, weather and lightJoli – “Pretty” in French
Hiro – “Abundant” in JapaneseKaya – “Wise” in Hopi language
Kasper – “Treasurer” in English, a German variant of Persian name “Jasper”Minzi – “Water” in Xhosa language
Kylo – “Sky” in LatinNina – “Dream” in native American language
Manfred – “Hero’s Peace” in English, Marvelous name to your beloved dog!Pixie – “Fairy”
Sumit – “Good friend” in BengaliSuki– “Loved one” in Japanese
Zeke – “God strengthens” in HebrewZelda – Happy, blessed

Popular German Shepherd Names

The German shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds and ranks second in the list of most popular dog breeds in the United States by the American Kennel Club.

If you are looking for popular names for this famous breed, pick the famous fictional characters of German Shepherd from movies and television series such as “Rin Tin Tin.

Also, you can name your German shepherd with the names of inspirational heroes such as “Rusty.” Naming your dog with the famous celebrities’ dog names such as “Mate” will also be inspiring and provides happiness!

Ace – A German Shepherd dog that acted in Hollywood movies from the years 1938 to 1946Andromeda – It is the name of a dog in the 1961 movie “The Parent Trap”
Atticus – Name of the German Shepherd owned by the American Actor “Jake Gyllenhall”Buddy – The first trained guide dog
Chips – It is the most famous German Shepherd dog during World War IIDolly – The German shepherd dog owned by the American actress “Jeniffer Aniston”
Freddie – Heidi Klum (the American–German model)’s German Shepherd dogEllie – A police dog in the 2017 movie “A Dog’s Purpose”
Hobo – A character in the Canadian television series “The Littlest Hobo”Mate – The German Shepherd dog owned by “Miley Cyrus.”
Hutch – Name of the American actor “Ben Affleck’s” dogRusty – Star of the 1947 film For the Love of Rusty, one of eight movies in the Rusty series
Kaiser – Monarch, common name of the German EmperorSara – Indian cricketer and skipper M.S. Dhoni’s German shepherd dog
Rex – Name of the popular character in the animated television series “Inspector Rex”Sandow – A character in the 1927 movie “Avenging Fangs”
Rin Tin Tin – An international canine star that acted in several Hollywood moviesTulip – Hero in the flim “My Dog Tulip”
Strongheart – An oldest canine movie starXena – Hospitable, The name of a television series “Xena: Warrior Princess”

Cute German Shepherd Names

Are you in search of a cute name for your adorable and honest German shepherd? You can find the names in multiple ways.

Naming your dog with the cute the things or places that you wonder (for example, Eiffel, cookie, etc.) is a great idea.

Anton – PricelessBarky – Rough
Big Ben – Great bell of the clock tower in Westminster, LondonButterbean – A lima bean
Chewbacca – A fictional character in the Star WarsCassaandra – Trojan princess in Greek mythology
Dobby – A fictional character in the Harry Potter movieHavana – A cigar made of Tobacco
Mudbug – A freshwater crayfishJoli – Meaning “pretty” in French
Otto – Meaning “Wealth” in GermanMissy – Means “bee” in Greek
Tater Tot – A side dish prepared from potato!Mika – Gift from God
Umber – A brownish-gray mothRemy – Means “oar” in Latin
Vincent – Meaning “to conquer” in LatinTotu – Soft, long and bell-shaped costume
Zipper – Fasten with a zipperVelvet – A woven fabric

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Military German Shepherd Names

The German shepherd has been the man’s best working partner from the early days. Right from herding to the latest military operations, this breed excels in all the tough tasks assigned to them.

Relationship between the dogs and military has been existing for many years. German shepherd serves well along with humans in the world war, Iraq war, and other conflicts.

If you want to honor such dogs with wonderful names, you can name them with the military-related terms and the things used in the military.

For example, the name “Major” is one of the highest ranking positions in the military. Also, you can name your dog with military things such as “Bullet” and code words such as Whiskey.

You will get an umpteen number of names through this way!

Bullet – A metal projectile for firingAlpha – Code word used in military
Bravo – Code word used in military, meaning “courageous” in SpanishBrass – A military term used to denote officers
Captain – The person who is in charge, a ranking position in the militaryDelta – Code name used in the military
Gunner – A member of armed force, specializes in gunsGrace – A military code
Gordon – Spacious fort Judy – English Pointer who served with the Royal Navy and was awarded the Dickin Medal in 1946
Hotshot – Fast freightLava – A dog that was rescued from Iraq in 2005
Lex – Defender of men in Greek, a military dog who worked alongside his handler Lee in IraqMagnum – A weapon used in the military
Lewis – Steel device used for grippingMissile – Weapon used in the military
Major – One of the highest ranking positions in the militaryPistol – A weapon used to fire bullets
Mike – Microphone, code word used in militaryScout – Military function done by dogs
Ranger – A ranking position in the militarySierra – Code word used in the military
Stewart – GuardianSemi – A tractor-trailer
Spirit – Code name used in militaryYankee – Code word used in the military
Victor – A vehicleUzi – Weapon used in the military
Whisky – Common code name used in the militaryZippo – Name of a military dog

German Names For German Shepherds

Naming your dog by its origin (i.e. native country) is a great idea! The German names will also be a kind of unique names for your dog!

You can pick a few German names that exactly match your dog’s temperament. Also, you can name it with the places in Germany such as “Berlin!”

Adolph – Noble wolfAmala – Work
Bruno – Meaning “Brown”Bathilda – Meaning “Heroine”
Baldwin – Brave friendEbba – Fortress
Ememt – Means “universal” in GermanElma – Protection
Gero – SpearHanna – Meaning “grace”
Gunther – Means BattleHolle – Means “Beloved”
Klaus – People’s victoryMarta – Lady in English
Kort – ShortMinne – Resolute Protector
Otto – Means WealthyOda – Fortune
Rolf – Male name meaning “Famed wolf”Ozzy – Divine spear
Raymond – Wise protector in GermanTrudy – Universal
Werner – GuardZaki – Means pure, virtuous

Black German Shepherd Names

Black German Shepherds are handsome dogs with its attractive coat. Go black while choosing a name for your Black German Shepherd!

That is, you can choose names for these beautiful dogs that represent black in other languages. Also, naming these dogs with attractive things in black such as coffee will be a bright idea!

  1. Coffee – A tasty beverage, black in color
  2. Kaka – Black in the Swahili language
  3. Nero – Means Black in the Italian Language
  4. Preto – Black in Portuguese
  5. Musta – Refers to black color in Finnish
  6. Midnight – Middle of the night, usually black due to darkness
  7. Shadow – Dark reflection of the body shape due to sun rays
  8. Smoke – Vapor comes from fire
  9. Tornado – Violent windstorm
  10. Viper – A venomous black rattlesnake

White German Shepherd Names

White German shepherd attracts you with its wonderful white colored coat. Some may be bicolored like white with dark spots.

You can find a name such as “Pearl” as the beautiful name for the White German Shepherds.

  1. Branco – Means white in the Galician language
  2. Crystal – Solid material, white in color
  3. Halo – Divine aura in Greek
  4. Lilly – A white flower
  5. Mayo – Refers to a plain yew tree
  6. Pearl – Gemstone white in color
  7. Rita – Pearl in Spanish
  8. Shiro – White in Japanese
  9. Sugar – A carbohydrate white in color
  10. Snow – Formation of ice crystals
  11. Zuri – White in Basque language

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