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160 Best Big Dog Names Backed With Full Meanings

Big Dog Names
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giant-sized dog needs a distinct larger life unique name.

For the largest breeds such as St. Bernard, Great Pyrenees, Newfoundland, or Mastiff, new dog parents should consider a good big dog name.

These big dog names are also suitable for both giant and large dogs, between 60-90 lbs.

You should take into account the dog’s character. This chosen name will determine whether the preferred name is fit for your dog or not.

Without much ado, take a look at the exciting big dog names.

Simple Tips For Picking The Right Big Dog Names

In several families, the youngest member of the family picks the right name for the family dog.

So, this explains why several dogs had cartoon character names. Take into account these simple tips and name your big dog.

  1. Never pick names that can cause uneasiness-

With all the prevailing political turmoil or gender tension today, it is well-advised to pick a dog name that nobody will take as an offense to or misconstrue.

  1. Avoid common names

It’s cool to pick a name that is trending. Remember, it can confuse you when you use it at a community park.

  1. Ask other people’s opinion

Choosing people’s names is not at all a bad option. Before you do that, ask your family member’s permission so that it does not cause undue family tension.

  1. Stay Clear of Names that Sounds Like Dog Commands

Avoid names that sound like dog commands. For example, “Bit” may sound like “Sit.”

  1. Short Names Are Popular

Pick a one-syllable or two-syllable dog name. This could make your job easy during training.

Big Dog Names Female

A giant dog always needs a unique name. Big dogs and tough names always go in pairs. For tough, big dogs, strong dog names a brilliant match.

If you are planning to get a big female dog, you should look into several factors. These females are a bit tender than the strong male dogs but still carry a heavy punch.

Brainstorming dog names look like a hard exercise, but it’s more fun than we all know.

For those adopting a female dog, why not consider classical names? These dogs are cute and smart.

The top big dog names are fun as well as special. More than the size, these big dogs have a range of personalities.

Take your pick from the best of the best big dog names female.

  1. Minerva – Queen of art, wisdom in Roman mythology
  2. Madonna – One of the most popular pop icons of all times
  3. Madeline – Fearless but small little girl
  4. Khaleesi – Female name from “Games of Thrones”
  5. Jupi – A shorter version of the largest planet in the solar system
  6. Joan – The strong female who led the French and the popular Patron saint
  7. Indira – A Sanskrit name meaning “splendor and beauty”
  8. Hermi – The smart female wizard
  9. Eva – Argentinian leader who championed women’s rights
  10. Empress – Someone who is funny and outgoing
  11. Eliza – Represents a trustworthy and smart
  12. Eleanor – A tall dog with nice eyes
  13. Emma – A confident, cute dog
  14. Duch – Female gooch
  15. Diana – The sweetest person you have ever known, Late Princess of Wales
  16. Cleopatra – The last popular queen of Egypt
  17. Boudicca – An ancient princess of the Iceni Celtic tribe
  18. Amazon – A tall woman
  19. Xena – An beautiful girl
  20. Athena – The ancient Greek goddess of wisdom
  21. Aurora – The most powerful and great dog to own
  22. Lena – A beautiful, bubbly girl dog
  23. Luna – A smart, sweet, kind girl
  24. Loca – Crazy female dog
  25. Zelda – The main character from the “Namesake” series
  26. Thea – The sweetest dog
  27. Chelsea – A beautiful, amazing dog
  28. Samantha – Gorgeous, kind, and trustworthy person
  29. Mabel – In French, it means “beautiful”
  30. Maya – Means a piece of heaven on Earth
  31. Missy – An open-minded girl
  32. Lucy – A female who understands you as nobody does
  33. Bailey – A girl with all the amazing personality
  34. Roxy – Opiate derived medicine oxycodone is called Roxy
  35. Coco – A girl with a big heart
  36. Daisy – A cheeky person
  37. Winnie – A girl that anyone would want to fall in love with
  38. Virgo – Natural, steady being
  39. Misty – A true ride type of girl
  40. Simone – A sweet, caring girl
  41. Tyra – Smart girl
  42. Bessie – Someone you don’t want to miss in your life
  43. Callie – Stunning, cute, and gorgeous girl
  44. Dixie – A charming girl from the south
  45. Lacey – A well-mannered girl who looks stunning
  46. Baddie – A female who is independent, pretty, and can take care
  47. Oprah – Oprah Winfrey, the richest black woman entrepreneur
  48. Aretha – One who is focused, grounded, and fearless
  49. Rebekah – A person who is always upbeat and cool
  50. Tayissa – An attractive, hot girl

Big Dog Names Male Mastiff

Your search for a cool male Mastiff dog name ends here. Happy Searching!

The amazing dog called the Mastiff looks different. Some of the well-known dog breeds include the Bull Mastiff, the Tibetan Mastiff, and the Neapolitan Mastiff.

All these dogs share something in common. Yeah, their size!

These dogs have a reputation as incredible protectors and guard dogs.

Naming your Mastiff rescue or puppy dog is not something any dog lover should rush into. Another important thing is that you should never put an enormous amount of pressure on yourself. Chances are great if you play with your dog and love each other’s companionship.

The Mastiff’s ancestors belong to some of the best primitive dogs. Think in those lines before you select a good name.

  1. Tyson – A person who is always true
  2. Tom – Overrated Hollywood actor who practices Scientology
  3. Taison – An attractive person with dark eyes
  4. Skubi – A person who hangs out with his friends
  5. Rusty – A great person who does not lack charisma
  6. Ronaldo – One of the well-known football star
  7. Jumbo – A bulky animal
  8. Hunter – Caring person who is always ready to help
  9. Hulk – A green colored big-sized movie character
  10. Don – Another way to call a mafia boss
  11. Bruno – A badass guy who is unafraid to act
  12. Badshah – Master or king
  13. Azlan – In Turkish, it means “Lion”
  14. Stronk – An Russian version of “Strong”
  15. Gangster – A wannabe thug

Big Dog Names Male

Big dog names represent your dog’s stature. Making the best choice is important. The reason looks quite simple. Each dog is special. Some names are unique, and some names are scary.

There are plenty of choices to suit every personality, shape, and size of the dog.

Some male dog names are standard. These big dog names male lists have a lot of names to address your dog’s personality. Select ideas you can put in place. Whatever male dog name you select, keep in mind that the ideal ones meet your dog’s personality.

Take a look at some of the exciting male dog names. It will inspire you to select the best name for your big male dog without any confusion.

  1. Vader – A Star Wars name
  2. Titan – Saturn’s largest moon
  3. Thor – The Norse god who rules thunder
  4. Terminator – A popular sci-fi movie directed by Hollywood director James Cameron
  5. Stallone – An action hero from the Hollywood
  6. Simba – Disney’s famous animation character
  7. Schwartz – The short version of “Schwarzenegger” from the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger
  8. Rudy – The football player with a big heart
  9. Rocky – Sylvester Stallone’s boxer franchise
  10. Rex – Picked from the gigantic Tyrannosaurus rex
  11. Rambo – The never-say-die action hero
  12. Magnus – A name for an important dog
  13. Mammoth – Creatures from the Ice Age with a big tusk
  14. Loki – Enemy of Norse god, Thor
  15. Krypton – Superman’s home place
  16. Kong – The ape who earned for himself in movies
  17. Iron Man – The superhero wearing a specialized suit
  18. Hindenburg – One of the largest passenger airship
  19. Hercules – The powerful mythological hero
  20. Goliath – The giant defeated by David
  21. Eastwood – Hollywood’s popular cowboy hero
  22. Dutch – A man who always plan well ahead
  23. Diesel – The “Fast and Furious” actor, Vin Diesel
  24. Commander – A top name for any dog
  25. Colossus – Huge!
  26. Chief – Top name for a top dog
  27. Captain America – The powerful superhero from the popular “Avengers”
  28. Caesar – The most well known Roman ruler, Julius Caesar
  29. Bluto – Popeye’s big bully character
  30. Attila – The terrifying enemy
  31. Atlas – The Titan who holds the heavens for eternity
  32. Zeppelin – A flying machine filled with Helium
  33. Voltron – Giant robot man
  34. Tex – A resident of Texas
  35. Tank – Anyone who is large
  36. Sumo – Japanese national sport
  37. Sultan – King or ruler
  38. Stag – To go alone
  39. Sirius – The brightest star
  40. Rhino – A heavy animal with a bighorn
  41. Nero – A Roman King who is believed to have burnt most of Rome
  42. Leonidas – One of the greatest spartan king
  43. Rufus – Means “awesome and cool”
  44. Chuck – A large piece
  45. Brownie – A loudmouth, prissy person
  46. Spot – The place where all good things happen
  47. Champ – Short for the champion, winner
  48. Bandit – A thief who steals
  49. Rover – That oversized beach-balloon
  50. Max – The one with the biggest heart

Funny Big Dog Names

When you look into your pup’s innocent eyes, you will realize that this one needs a peculiar name. There is something that rings a bell inside you, a goofy smile.

Funny big dog names are ideal for those dogs with big personalities and a unique sense of humor.

Life is fun, with more smiles. As each dog parent agrees, this is the best reason for bringing home a puppy.

The look in those heart-melting eyes, that magnificent grin, the wriggling anticipation, that fun-antics., all so great!

The main issue you face as a dog owner is that you find it hard to come up with a cute name for your brilliant dog.

Yeah, there is plenty of choice and some potential names in your head.

  1. Zippy – A popular restaurant in Hawaii
  2. Yeti – Also called Bigfoot or Abominable Snowman
  3. Dolby – A sound processing technology
  4. Toast – Another way to refer to a “gun”
  5. Biscuit – A weapon
  6. Sugar – Another word for “smooch”
  7. Jelly – Short form for “ jellyfish”
  8. Noodles – A food sold in packets
  9. Cake – A present from the gods
  10. Jim – A person who uses social media in a bad way
  11. Hashtag – An alternative for “ pound sign”
  12. Harry Potter – A children’s classic written by J.K. Rowling
  13. Elvis – The famous American singer of the ’60s
  14. Choco – Short form for “chocolate”
  15. Bilbo – Main character in Tolkien’s “ The Hobbit”

Classic Big Dog Names

These names are associated with big dogs but not bad for small-sized dogs too. When picking a name for your small pup, try uber-masculine names.Humans love irony.

You could select a fictional movie character such as Big Foot, King Kong, or Godzilla.

Another fun name is Spartacus or Sparky. These macho names are ideal for Munchkin, Shrimp, or Tots’ popular choices for small dogs.

These names lack inspiration, and they do not paint the true picture of these tough and bold toy breeds.

Several small dog lovers are often inspired and energized by the top musical entertainers.  If your dog loves classical music, then pick a name like Beetho or Tovi.

These music-related names are super-cool conversation-starters.

  1. Butch – A masculine woman or man
  2. Sparta – An ancient place in Greece
  3. Shaki – A half Columbian and a half Lebanese singer
  4. Kiki – Means to party
  5. Joker – Batman’s archenemy
  6. Smoke – To be good at something
  7. Lobo – A wolf or timber wolf
  8. Lili – A sweet caring person, an angel
  9. Tarzan – Edgar Rice Burroughs created a fictional character named Tarzan in 1914
  10. Chew – Smokeless tobacco

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Big Dog Names Female Pitbull

Finding Pitbull names can appear daunting. With plenty and plenty of ideas, where do you begin? Don’t worry. Take a look at some of the good ideas suitable for your dog.

Pitbull is a kind of dog with a pleasing personality. Other dogs in this category include Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Bully, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Pit Bull Terrier.

These dogs were initially created by breeding a Terrier and a bull-baiting canine. By blending the agility of a Terrier and the strength of a baiting dog, the result was something brilliant.

At present, the Pitbulls are household pets. To make your task easy, we have created a list of big dog names female.

Happy hunting!

Female Pitbull Dog Names

  1. Stella – A big girl with a big smile
  2. Rosie – An person who is extraordinary in different form, shape, and way
  3. Scarlet – A loyal, independent girl
  4. Shivawn – A wise African Queen
  5. Janet – One who plays fair
  6. Nala – A cute lioness
  7. Zoey – A free spirited person
  8. Sarah – A person who is hilarious and cracks jokes
  9. Zanet – Amazing, cool, awesome person
  10. Pat – A smart person who would do anything and make you happy

Big Dog Names Male Pitbull

Pitbulls are amazing dogs with a unique temperament. They are now becoming one of the most trusted dog companions.

Pitbull names – male or female are mostly chosen based on the dog’s sex. Pitbull names can be traditional, but there are other choices as well.

From temperament to coat color, you can pick a name that reflects their personality. These dogs are cool. Nobody can deny this fact.

If you wish your dog to keep adding those cuddles and coos, then give an adorable name.

Every dog is remarkable. Pitbulls carry a name for being strong. If you prefer your dog’s determined, loyal nature, then pick a name that reflects it.

Male Pitbull Dog Names

  1. Buddy – Another way to call a friend
  2. Charlie – The most fascinating person in the world
  3. Duke – One who does the right thing
  4. Dumbo – A movie about a flying elephant
  5. Zeus – The biggest gods of all time
  6. Blue – The way we feel when it’s a Monday
  7. Jagger – Psychotic Demigod
  8. Major – Another word for “wonderful”
  9. Czar – A Russian king
  10. Godzilla – A big imaginary monster

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