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Dog Games – 100% Fun Games To Get Rid Of Dog Boredom

Dog Games
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Maintaining the mental health of your dog is just as vital as keeping your dog physically strong. These simple and amazing dog games are fun for all and easy to learn.

Your ‘Chase’ may love running after a ball or showing his strength in agility games, both his mind and body need daily exercise.

Dogs are smart, loyal animals and bear in mind, a bored dog means destruction is waiting to happen.

Take a look at these simple, fun, and artistic dog games that can easily maintain his frontal lobe active.

Teach your dog some mentally stimulating fun games.

Let’s roll!

The Three Cup Game

A nose starter game. Place three cups in a straight line. Line a treat under a cup of your choice and shuffle the cups to and fro.

When your dog identifies the right cup, give him a treat and praise him.

Once your doggie gets it right over the next couple of tries, you can easily make this game even more interesting by adding more cups.

Interactive Smart Toys

There are plenty of interactive dog toys – puzzles, chew toys, and other toys to chase. If your pet prefers toys to chase, why not make your own chase toy?

You can still try a bungee rope and it will reduce the stress on their necks.

Make a puzzle toy using a muffin tin, few treats, and some tennis balls.  Put all the treats inside a tin and mix them up with tennis balls.

Treat Dispensers And Frozen Kong Recipes

The easiest and simple way to provide some entertainment is to give him a frozen Kong or treat dispenser. New toys have become more indestructible.

If you wish to make it more interesting, freeze the treats and then place it inside the toy.

Learning All The Toy Names

As per reports, a dog can learn around 200 words and have the same intelligence similar to a 2-year old kid.

We can stimulate his brain by making him learn some toy names. Begin with a specific toy and you can spell a name for it. Dogs will, with time, remember toy names.

After some practice, your doggie will pick up several toys just by mentioning its name.

Free Shaping Patterns

Free shaping refers to building a dog’s behavior using small steps.

A kind of training that allows setting new behavior patterns without employing physical corrections. You can use a box and every time he touches the box, pats him and gives him a treat.

No More Toys

The most favorite “games” include putting all the toys in the toy box. Learning to unlearn.

Ain’t it cool news?

Make your dog pick his toy and put it in the dog box.

With plenty of patience and early socialization training, your dog will learn to place all his toys back in his box.

Where Are The Treats?

Hide the entire treat when he is away. If your dog is playing this game for the first time, place the treats in plain sight.

It definitely takes some time for dogs to accustom their scenting and visual cues to mark this game.

After a few tries, your dog will sniff out more treats.

Tug Of War

Played correctly, this is a brilliant way to make your dog do meaningful exercise and play.

Before doing it, let him learn “leave it” or “drop it” command. If you find your dog mouthing or turning “rowdy”, then stop this game then and there.

Allow your dog to win more often and there is no proof that it supports dominance. The more you allow your dog to win, the more he will become disciplined.

Pick The “Correct” Hand

For dogs not exposed to nose work, put a treat or a kibble in one of your hand. Hold both your hands and let him pick the correct hand that holds the kibble.

Open the hand and give him the treat, and this will encourage your dog to behave more enthusiastically.

Hide And Seek

The best game any dog lover can play, it hones the dog-owner mutual bond.

Dogs are crowd pleasers and they will never miss an opportunity to please their owner.

Digging Box Doggie

Some canines love to dig holes and make them dig a hole in a specific place. You can make a sand and wood box from your nearest hardware shop as well.

If you have cats in your area, you can build a top to stop it from becoming a litter tray.

Water Games - Splash, Fun, And Sun

Going to the beach especially for those that love water can be really cool.

You can bring some dog toys and enjoy a fetch game in water. Make sure all the toys you use for fetch actually floats and do not sink.

Setup a plastic pool in your own backyard if you are too far away from a water source.

Toss the toys and ensure that it resembles a “bobbing the apples” game.

Bubble Chase

Chasing bubbles is an exciting game.

If your dog finds it tough to chase bubbles, start the game by blowing some. Point to the bubble and encourage them to go after it.

You should catch some yourself and show them that they should catch it before it actually touches the ground.

Use kid bubbles and they are not dangerous for dogs as such but make sure he does not gobble them. Protect their eyes during this game because soap water may irritate some dogs.

Food Dispensing Toys

Food dispensing toys including “Bob-A- Lot” provide mental stimulation. Your dog has to knock it over to find his food.  Practice it before your dog gets a hang of it.

Encourage them to play with it.

Make Your Own Agility Course

The agility course is a cool way to teach some new tricks.

You can plan your own obstacle course or try a hula loop. Some mini cones or blankets to play and running through an obstacle can easily make them even more tired both physically and mentally.

Frisbee Run

Dogs having a natural instinct to chase will do well in Frisbee exercises.

Start by throwing a soft disc, and let your dog learn to catch it first. Traditional Frisbees are strong, and they can easily injure your dog’s face.

Practice by throwing a Frisbee over a short distance.

Once you find your dog getting excited to chase the disc, then increase the throwing distance.

What’s A Flirt Pole?

Flirt poles are a quick and easy way to tire your dog out. A flirt stick or flirt pole is a pretty long pole and has a rope attached to it.

On the other end, the owners will fix a lure to force the dog to move. Flirt sticks are immensely satisfying and, they are mentally fun as well.

These flirt poles provide dogs with ample opportunities to spend their energy in a calm and composed manner.

Flirt sticks are helpful for training your dog with basic impulse control commands.

When playing, kindly allow your pet to ‘win’ as a reward. Every time he senses victory, he would want to play more and more.

Flirt poles are quite stressful on their joints and it is best adviced to start with short schedules.

Never use a flirt pole for dogs suffering from joint or arthritis issues.

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