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Top 10 Pet Insurance Reviews Of 2023 For Caring Pet Owners

Pet Insurance
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Finding the most suitable pet insurance is a tedious process. When a rattlesnake bit on the leg of Wise, Sam Johnson’s pet dog, he did not hesitate to take him to a vet.

However, USD $ 1000 vet bill discouraged him. On a lucky note, Wise, the German Shepherd dog did fine after taking an anti-venom, but Sam’s financial status is still undergoing treatment.

We present the 10 Best Pet Insurance to make the life of all pet owners stress-free and cheerful.

Healthy Paws

  • Policy Price – 4.8
  • Timeliness of Claim – 4.8
  • Customer satisfaction – 4.8
  • Policy coverage – 3


Healthy Paws holds the top spot because they offer:

  • Unlimited lifetime benefits
  • Annual deductible
  • Brilliant customer response
  • Also, the customer has the option to choose the method of payment by deciding their annual deductible.
  • In addition, the exact percentage of the vet bill that will be reimbursed when you select your initial plan is also available.
  • Moreover, every time when a customer asks for a quote, the company donates some money to a needy pet.
  • Overall, Healthy Paws will also continue their pet cover even if the owner is not in a position to care for them.

Pros And Cons:

Unlimited coverageUSD $25 charged as a lifetime fee
Annual deductible (not based on the incident)No suitable wellness backup plan
Best competitive pricingPets older than 8 are limited to 60% reimbursement
Covers both Canada and the United StatesFor pets older than 6, a vet exam within 15 days is necessary
Fast reimbursement using Healthy Paws appDoes not cover hip dysplasia; not suited for large breeds
Direct depositVet checkup fee and behavioral therapies not included
BBB rating – A+


All dogs are enrolled for unlimited lifetime benefits. Moreover, dogs between 8 weeks and 14 years are eligible. The dogs are given lifetime protection under the coverage.

Certain conditions for deductions

Dogs > 8 years or more

  • USD $ 750 deductible
  • 60% reimbursement

Cats, dogs, and 7 and 6 years old

  • USD $ 750, 500,  250 deductible
  • 60%, 70%, 80% reimbursement

Cats, dogs – 5 years and less

  • USD $ 500, USD $ 250, USD $ 100 deductible
  • 70%, 80%, 90% reimbursement

List Of Services Covered And Not Covered:

List Of Services CoveredList Of Services Not Covered
Alternative treatmentExternal and internal parasite control
Emergency or specialty careVet exam fees
Chronic conditionsNeuter or spay procedures
Hereditary conditionsDental health care
Congenital conditionsGrooming, nail trim, de-worming
Waiting Schedule

Petplan Insurance

  • Policy Price – 4.5
  • Timeliness of Claim – 4.5
  • Customer satisfaction – 4.0
  • Policy coverage – 4.5

Petplan also offers good annual coverage however at a premium price compared to our top pick. They have excellent claim repayment reputation and averages around 5 to 15 days for repayments.


  • In addition, they cover examination fees. They also provide a very short waiting period at 15 days (hip dysplasia).
  • Petplan offer coverage for
    • Pet not found or pet theft
    • Advertising expenses incurred due to a missed pet
    • Travel plan cancellation due to important pet illness
  • Good discounts on Premium if left unclaimed
  • Annual coverage ranges – reimbursement rates (70%, 80%, 90%)
  • Annual deductibles – USD $ 250 to USD $ 1000
  • Annual coverage limit – USD $ 2500 – unlimited
  • Outstanding customer service reputation
  • 5% discount for call center call – 800-237-1123

Pros And Cons:

Online purchase offer of 5% discountIncrease in premium for existing customers
Apps available for Android and iOSYou can take your dog within 48 hours of an emergency
Claims are allowed up to 30 daysExtensive proof of documents needed for policyholders
BBB rating- A+Annual dental and health checkups are required
Lack of per condition or no lifetime claims limitCovers CCL on the injured leg if the remaining leg stays healed for a year
No mention of a wellness plan


Petplan offers

  • Unlimited or annual coverage limits – $ 25,000, $ 20,000, $15,000, $ 10,000, $ 5,000, $ 2,500
  • Offers 90%, 80%, 70% reimbursements or $ 250 to $ 1000 deductibles

List Of Services Covered And Not Covered:

List Of Services CoveredList Of Services Not Covered
Chronic and hereditary conditionsSpaying or neutering
Specialist and referral treatmentVaccinations
Alternative therapiesTeeth cleaning
Rehab and surgeryPre-existing conditions
Dental treatmentRoutine and Wellness care
Prescription medications
Diagnostic treatment
Waiting Schedule
  • 180–days – Patellas, Cruciates, Hip Dysplasia(Petplan covers hip dysplasia if the pets are free from this condition prior enrollment or during the waiting period.)
  • 15-days – Illnesses
  • 5-days- Accidents

Pets Best

  • Policy Price- 4.8
  • Timeliness of Claim- 4.8
  • Customer satisfaction- 4.0
  • Policy coverage- 8


  • 24/7 Pet line customer care center allows you to contact a vet anytime
  • Unique 30-day free period
  • Pet ownership transfer allowed with policy coverage if done within 30 days
  • An easy option where the pet owner can pay the vet directly
  • Maximum reporting time for claims is fixed at 180 days
  • Direct deposit option for all claims within an average period of say 5 days
  • Exclusions of health problems include
    • Osteochondritis dissecans, cherry eye, cataracts
    • Elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, ectopion
    • Entropion, glaucoma
    • CCL/ ACL (cruciate ligament events), luxating Patellas
  • Examination not required

Pros And Cons:

Pros Cons
No age restrictionsHolistic or alternative therapies
5% multi-pet offerUSD $ 2 received for every transaction
1-month money back offerAverage waiting time- 3 days (Accidents), 14 (illness)
Claim paymentThe six-month waiting period for all CCL injuries included
All types of customer support – FAQ, email, phone, live chat
BBB rating- A+
Excellent pricing with very reasonable prices
No lifetime limits


  • Pets Best offers Accident Only plan. This plan has 90% reimbursements, USD $ 250 deductible, USD $ 10,000 annual.
  • Flat rate- Cats ($ 6 per month), Dogs ($ 9 per month)

List Of Services Covered And Not Covered:

List Of Services CoveredList Of Services Not Covered
Physical rehabilitation (optional)Parasites
Exam fees (optional)Experimental medications and therapies
Coverage available while travellingNon-vet supplements, vitamins, special diets
EuthanasiaPreventative procedures
Prosthetic wheelchairs and devicesPre-existing conditions
Dental coverage
Waiting Schedule
  • 14-days- Hip dysplasia period if no prior-condition exist. The waiting period is subject to change
  • 180 –days- Cruciate ligament issues
  • 90-days- Injuries
  • 14-days- Illnesses

AKC Pet Insurance

  • Policy Price – 3.3
  • Timeliness of Claim – 3.3
  • Customer satisfaction – 2.5
  • Policy coverage – 8


  • Pet insurance offered by AKC does not require any exam or vet records prior to enrollment.
  • Of course, there are different age restrictions and it needs a separate fee for hereditary and congenital conditions to be covered.
  • However, it has plenty of restrictions compared to other competitors.
  • In fact, many consider AKC to be one of the most expensive pet insurance.

Pros And Cons:

Includes 5% multi-pet discountThe minimum waiting period for CCL is 6 months
The policy covers both Canada and the United StatesA USD $4 collected as transaction fee with every transaction
BBB rating – A+Restriction on incident reimbursements
Special facility to include hereditary, euthanasia, exam fee, and wellness planExcludes holistic, alternative, behavioral, or rehab therapies
Exam or vet records are not asked for while enrolmentHereditary, congenital, and hip dysplasia are provided for dogs enrolled prior to two years of age
Separate package for congenital or inherited conditions for an additional fee
Minimum- 2 days (accident), 14 days (illness)
For dogs older than 9 years, no illness coverage allowed


  • Co-Insurance – 20%
  • Deductible – $ 100 every term
  • Amount per term – $ 1,500
  • Amount per incident – $ 500.0

List Of Services Covered:

List Of Services Covered
Emergency care
Laboratory Tests
X-Ray and Ultrasound
For AKC registered pets, free 30 days of insurance available at no extra cost

Overall, AKC pet insurance is a costly pet insurance coverage when compared to other policies offered by premium companies.


  • Policy Price – 3.2
  • Timeliness of Claim – 3.3
  • Customer satisfaction – 2.5
  • Policy coverage – 7

This pet insurance provider offers pet coverage for those pets that are enrolled before 10 years of age. Next, to AKC pet insurance, 24PetWatch is an expensive pet insurance coverage.


  • Maximum time allotted for claim submission should not exceed 180 days
  • Maximum claim settlement period include 60 days
  • Exclusions include patella luxation, elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, and cruciate ligaments.
  • Exam period- If your pet has not undergone any medical examination in the past one year, you agree to a detailed behavioral by a vet.
  • This examination is done at your own cost.
  • M rating- A

Pros And Cons:

Pros Cons
Chronic disorders are allowed if pets go 2 years without any signsHave no BBB accreditation
No additional waiting schedule for hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and ACLPriced on a higher scale when compared with other policies
Pet covered in both countries Canada and the United StatesA monthly transaction fee of USD $ 2.50
Online claims submission and tracking availableNo unlimited claims factor
No waiting period required for accidentsSuppose if one leg suffers from ACL injury before enrollment, the policy will not cover the remaining leg also.
Additional wellness coverage also includedBad customer service has been reported


24PetWatch’s Plans include


  • $ 1000 per year
  • $ 500 per year
  • $ 250 per year
  • $ 100 per year

They also include

  • 80% reimbursement
  • 20% copay

List Of Services Covered And Not Covered:

List Of Services CoveredList Of Services Not Covered
Boarding kennel fees ($ 500)Pre-existing conditions
Lost per recovery ($ 500)Wellness visits and preventative care
Trip cancellation ($ 500)
Emergency care
Prescription medications
Waiting Schedule
  • Champion – 14 days
  • Super – 14 days
  • Classic – 14 days
  • Extra – 14 days
  • Essential – 30 days

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia will be covered based on the waiting period ranging between 14 and 30 days. However, bi-lateral exclusion also included in the policy.

ASPCA Pet Insurance

  • Policy Price – 3.8
  • Timeliness of Claim – 4.8
  • Customer satisfaction – 2.0
  • Policy coverage – 8

When you come across a name such as ASPCA and immediately believe that it could be a trusted brand. Well, then you should know this. The pet insurance company C&F Inc and Hartville, both the companies pay a separate royalty fee and employ the ASPCA name.

In fact, none of these companies is directly in business terms with the ASPCA.


  • Includes 30 day trial period
  • No bilateral exclusions
  • Option to pay them directly (vets)
  • Maximum time for claim submission includes 270 days, either via form submission or through mobile apps

 Pros And Cons:

Pros Cons
30-day money return policyVery low reimbursement rates
BBB rating – A+Lack of fluidity
Zero days waiting for accidentsWaiting period- 14 days including ligament and knee injuries
Treatment for six months and conditions free of signs are not ignored as pre-existing conditionsTransaction fee – USD $ 2.0
Plan ranges from USD $ 15 to USD $ 100 annual deductible
Also supports wellness coverage (optional)


1. Deductible options

  • USD $ 500
  • USD $ 250
  • USD $ 100

2. Reimbursement percentage

  • 70%
  • 80%
  • 90%

3. Five annual plans

  • Unlimited
  • USD $ 20,000
  • USD $ 15,000
  • USD $ 10,000
  • USD $ 5,000

List Of Services Covered And Not Covered:

List Of Services CoveredList Of Services Not Covered
Preventative coverageBreeding expenses
Behavioral therapiesCosmetic operations or procedures
Alternative treatmentAll pre-existing conditions
Emergency care
Congenital conditions
Chronic conditions
Hereditary conditions
Non-routine vet visits and exams
Accidents and injuries
Testing like blood tests, and x-rays
Prescription medications
Waiting Schedule
  • 14-days- Hip dysplasia
  • 14-days- Cruciate ligament events
  • 14-days- Illness
  • 0 days- Accidents

Hip Dysplasia

  • Covered under complete coverage plan
  • Available under the annual limit, reimbursement factor, annual deductible
  • 14-day waiting schedule

Nationwide Pet

  • Policy Price- 4.4
  • Claim disbursal- 3.8
  • Customer satisfaction- 2.0
  • Policy coverage- 8

The main USP of Nationwide Pet insurance is their ability to list exact health problems. With this on paper, any pet owner can decide whether this policy suits their requirement or not.


  • A policyholder can submit their claim via a mobile app, mail, or fax
  • In fact, all claims should not exceed the deadline of 90 days
  • Claim settlement not more than 30 days after receipt of all documents
  • No bilateral exclusions
  • Lack of exam requirement
  • M Best rating- A+

Pros And Cons:

Features low monthly payment optionsUSD $ 2.0 for every transaction
Exotic pet insurance also availableThe medical plan has certain restrictions per conditions
Unlimited claims for whole pet and major medical with wellness plansMinimum waiting period- Pet Wellness (24 hours)
Track claims via the appMajor medical and Wellness plans- 14 day
CCl waiting time- 1 year
Lack of wellness plan throughout America
More negative reviews


  • Unlimited annual returns
  • Maximum reimbursements (90%)
  • Major Medical reimbursement
  • USD $100 Whole pet wellness
  • USD $ 250 deductible ( Major Medical)

List Of Services Covered:

Specific DiseasePet WellnessMajor MedicalWhole Pet With Wellness
Cherry EyeNilLimitedComplete
Ear InfectionNilCompleteComplete
Elbow DysplasiaNilLimitedComplete
Hip DysplasiaNilLimitedComplete

List Of Services Not Covered:

List Of Services Not Covered
Pre-existing conditions are considered on a case by case basis
Expenditure not connected to vet services such as reimbursement, credit card fees
Developmental disorders
Inherited disorders
Cruciate ligament injuries
Plan restrictions
Preventive, routine, and wellness care
Waiting Schedule
  • 1 year- Cruciate ligament events
  • 24 hrs- Pet Wellness plan
  • 14 days- Major Medical Plans and Whole Pet Wellness

Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia includes a nationwide 14-day waiting period as such. A case-by-case basis will be followed if these conditions are noticed

  • Aseptic necrosis (femoral head)
  • Luxation or any fracture
  • Osteochondritis dissecans
  • Subluxation or patellar luxation
  • Elbow dysplasia

Embrace Pet Insurance

  • Policy Price – 4.3
  • Claim disbursal – 4.5
  • Customer satisfaction – 4.0
  • Policy coverage – 3

Embrace pet insurance is another important pet insurance company which can be availed by all pet owners.


  • 30-day trial period on offer
  • Prescription drug coverage available for take-home medications
  • Reimbursement
    For wellness – 5 business days
    Accident and illness – 10 to 15 days
  • Embrace follows “deductible then copay” plan
  • Bilateral condition – Pets diagnosed with bilateral conditions are not covered
  • Medical history review- This company offers a total medical review during enrollment.
  • Exam period- Within a fortnight after enrollment or at least a year prior to the start
  • M. rating- A+

Pros And Cons:

10% Multi-pet discountNo unlimited claims feature
Claims cleared between 5 to 15 daysVery limited phone and chat hours
BBB rating – A+CCL injury at the time of enrollment will be considered on a case-by-case basis
5% discount for direct paymentsLimited to pets less than 14 years or younger for illness and accident
Very affordable with USD $ 20 premium every monthNeeds 2-day waiting time in case of accidents, 14 days for illness, and 180 days waiting for orthopaedic
Optional Wellness Rewards availableUSD $ 1.00 charged for all monthly transaction
No lifetime restrictions
The annual deductible method is actually profitable


This company offers these options-

  • Reimbursements – 70%, 80% or 90%
  • Annual deductible – USD $ 1000, USD $ 750, USD $ 500, USD $ 300, USD $ 200
  • Annual maximum – USD $ 30,000, USD $ 15,000, USD $ 10,000, USD $ 8000, USD $ 5000

List Of Services Covered And Not Covered:

List Of Services CoveredList Of Services Not Covered
Prescription drugsNuclear war or avian flu
Dental illness- USD $ 1000 every annumStem cell therapy
Prosthetic devices and limbsDNA cloning or testing
Diagnostic testingCosmetic procedures including dew claw removal or tail docking
Specialist and ER careIllness or injury resulting due to neglect, cruelty, racing, and fighting
Behavioral therapyDeliberate injuries
Alternative rehabilitation and therapiesPregnancy, breeding, whelping
Exam feesPre-existing medical issues
Congenital and chronic conditionsNormal vet care
Genetic conditions
Waiting Schedule
  • 180 days- Cruciate ligament conditions including orthopedic conditions
  • 2 days- Injuries
  • 14-days- Illnesses

Hip Dysplasia Coverage

  • Bilateral hip replacement – USD $ 7000 – USD $ 12,000
  • Other surgeries – USD $ 1500 – USD $ 3000
  • Your dog will be protected – if the 6-month waiting schedule passes away

Trupanion Pet Insurance

  • Policy Price – 3.3
  • Claim disbursal – 3.3
  • Customer satisfaction – 3.5
  • Policy coverage – 3

You missed your attention for one minute, and now Lobo has gobbled all the bathroom trash. Yeah!!! The vet checks and treats him, and finally, Lobo does fine.

But the main point is, if you had enrolled in a pet insurance, you could save money out of your pocket.


  • The pet coverage will continue without any break even if the policy is in the hands of a new owner.
  • Optional dental coverage is offered
  • Free 30-day free trial period
  • There is a provision to pay the vet directly. Hence, the owner need not shell too much money from their pocket.
  • The maximum time allotted for claim settlement is 90 days
  • Waiting time for claim settlements- 60 days
  • Pre-existing conditions are treated separately
  • This insurance company offers per-accident deductible and not an annual deductible like other companies.
  • Lack of exam period

Pros And Cons:

The coverage extends to three countries namely Puerto Rico, Canada, and the United States.Exam fees not covered
A fixed 30-day money return guaranteeWellness plan does not exist
BBB rating: APets older than 14 years are not accepted
Hip Dysplasia contains no age restrictions or waiting periodAround 20% rise in premiums year after year
Presence of further optional benefits that cover behavioral therapy and modification training, hydrotherapy, physical therapy, and acupunctureWaiting period- 30 days (illnesses); 5 days (injuries)
Provides 90% reimbursements and has no payout limitsUSD $ 35 admin fee
Compared to other policies quite expensive


Trupanion follows a fixed 90% reimbursements including the option of unlimited annual cost and USD $ 0 to USD $ 1000 deductible.

List Of Services Covered And Not Covered:

List Of Services CoveredList Of Services Not Covered
Extra security for breeding dogsPre-existing conditions
Rehabilitative therapies and alternativePreventative and wellness care
Prosthetic carts and devicesSales tax applicable in certain places
Vet supplementsExam fees
Hospital Stays
Surgeries, diagnostic tests
Congenital and hereditary conditions
Injuries and illnesses
Waiting Schedule
  • One month – Hip dysplasia and cruciate ligament events
  • 5 days – Injuries
  • One month – Illnesses

Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia condition is covered under Trupanion’s core policy. This insurance company follows a one month waiting period.

With regard to this condition, Trupanion follows an exclusion-

Hip dysplasia condition is considered if the pet owner acknowledges the manifestation of this condition well prior to the enrollment date.

Or the pet owner was well aware of such a condition although there is no medical record to claim the same at the time of enrollment.

PetFirst Insurance


The main USP of this insurance is the one day waiting period.

Pros And Cons:

No one-time fees collectedRegarded as an expensive cover
BBB rating- A+Routine care coverage required for behavioral therapy coverage
Accident coverage starts the day after enrollmentExcludes non-routine teeth care
Vet exam not requiredCCL(ACL) in one leg means the other leg will not be covered at any cost
Wellness plan optionalCCL surgery - 1 year waiting period; Illness- two weeks waiting period
Bi-lateral conditions included


  • PerFirst offers only limited options with three annual limits-
  • USD $ 10,000, USD $ 5,000, USD $ 2,000
  • Reimbursement options
  • 70%, 80%, 90%
  • Advocates per-incident deductible-
  • USD $ 500, USD $ 250, USD $ 100, USD $ 50

List Of Services Covered And Not Covered:

List Of Services CoveredList Of Services Not Covered
Prescription drugsNuclear war or avian flu
Dental illness- USD $ 1000 every annumStem cell therapy
Prosthetic devices and limbsDNA cloning or testing
Diagnostic testingCosmetic procedures including dew claw removal or tail docking
Specialist and ER careIllness or injury resulting due to neglect, cruelty, racing, and fighting
Behavioral therapyDeliberate injuries
Alternative rehabilitation and therapiesPregnancy, breeding, whelping
Exam feesPre-existing medical issues
Congenital and chronic conditionsNormal vet care
Genetic conditions
Waiting Schedule
  • Cranial Cruciate Ligaments
  • Posterior Cruciate Ligaments
  • Medical Cruciate
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligaments
  • IVDD or Intervertebral Disc Disease

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