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200+ Best Calico Cat Names With Meanings

Calico Cat Names
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Choosing a cat name isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It definitely involves a lot of thinking and logic because it is something to live with for your pet.

Try to understand your cat’s personality and fix a name that suits the same. The characteristics of the cat differ from breed to breed in fact from animal to animal.

At times even the breed of the cat could give us certain inspiration in naming the cat or kitten. Choose a cat name that would suit them as a kitten and after they grow up.

For instance, naming a kitten “kitten” would be inappropriate because it may not be a great name to call when it’s all grown up. It is always perfect to name a cat with 1 or 2 syllables.

A short version of a long name is definitely a good pick for the cat. The majority of the cat owners love to name their cat with simple names which are easy to pronounce and rolls off the tongue easily.

Here let’s look into few Calico Cat names. Most of them who are fond of petting a cat or are anxious to know about cats will definitely come across the amazing calico cat at some juncture.

This is for the reason calico cats are really mysterious and portray wonderful characteristics and have a rich history.

The main thing to know about “Calico” is that it is not a cat breed. Numerous breeds such as American Shorthair, Japanese bobtail, and Persian to list some are seen in calico coat shade.

The main uniqueness of Calico cats is that they are seen as tri-color coats. Calico cats are usually seen in three shades in their fur which are usually white, orange, and black.

However certain differences in these shades like cream, blue-black, reddish-brown may also be noticed in the coat of calico cats.

Male Calico Cat Names

To begin with, our recommendations for names for Calico cat let’s look into some cool, distinct ways to recognize the kitty which has a very special look with an amazing name.

The thoughts are to have cartoons, real-life creatures with similar color shades, fun names related to orange or the mix of orange, black and white, and many more.

Check out a few interesting male calico names which are a great inspiration too.

  • Amber – Similar to the fossilized tree resin which makes a wonderful sharp orange particle.
  • Callie – A joyful play on calico.
  • Copper – The metallic shade of red mixed brown.
  • Coral – Orange mix shade.
  • Ernie – The fun-loving champ from Sesame Street is seen in orange and black.
  • Garfield – The famous cartoon which is a cat has the look of orange with black lines which is quite similar to the calico.
  • Ginger – Calico cats are seen with plenty of orange over their fur.
  • Hazel – Hazle’s eyes mix up with many colors.
  • Heathcliff – It’s another cartoon cat that is in orange shade.
  • Hobbes – This name comes from the orange/black and white cat seen in “Calvin and Hobbes).
  • Marigold – The orange shade.
  • Maryland – This is the state cat there.
  • Monarch – The monarch butterfly also has the appearance which is a blend of orange, black, and white.
  • Nemo – The very beautiful Disney fish also has the very same color.
  • Oliver – This is with reference to the orange cat which was screened in the animated movie Oliver & company.
  • Oriole – The pretty bird oriole also flies beautifully in the same color.
  • Penny – The coin which normally in the copper shade.
  • Picasso – The thoughts of Picasso paintings take us to memories of similar geometric shapes that are painted in such eye-catching colors.
  • Poppy – This flower is generally found in orange shade.
  • Rainbow – Calico cats are usually seen in multiple colors similar to a rainbow.
  • Rajah – The tiger is seen in the movie Aladdin.
  • Rusty – It is a blend of black and orange shades.
  • Sepia – The red mixed brown shade.
  • Simba – A character from Lion King.
  • Tiger – It is the orange and black striped forest cat.
  • Tigger – Similar to the character tiger from the movie Winnie the Pooh.
  • Tortie – (Or Tortoise) The calico’s color and design appears just as the complete tortoiseshell.

Unusual Calico Cat Names

Naming calico cats with reference to seasons is a great idea. It is absolutely interesting to name the cats in relation to the spirited season.

We can name them in connection to the season they are born or adopted by us. It gives us a chance to remember their birth or their association with us. It is a very unique way of naming a unique variety of cats.

Another Unusual way of naming the calico cats is with food names. There many food-related names which very apt for calico cats. These yummy unusual names are inspired by the food colors and are unique, fun, and very apt for this variety of cat.

  • Autumn – The fall season has the look of Calico colors in the atmosphere and Autumn is a beautiful name.
  • Pumpkin – The list of the calico names isn’t perfect if pumpkin is not added to the list, it is a wonderful and apt name.
  • Harvest – An earthy, amazing name that is apt for the fall.
  • Leaf – Similar to the orange leaves which are found all over during the fall season.
  • Candy – When our thoughts are of calico cats, we think of Halloween and the main part of this holiday is candy.
  • Boo – Halloween brings in fear and scare. Boo Boo!! It scares and a cute name.
  • October – The Halloween month is a beautiful name too
  • Amaretto – This name is taken from the sweet orange color wine.
  • Apricot – Red mix orange fruit. This name can also be called Apricat for fun.
  • Brandy – The caramel shade strong liquor.
  • Butterscotch – This yummy sweet comes in buttery yellow/ orange.
  • Caramel – A beige/ orange color mouth-watering dessert.
  • Cayenne – This is a spicy hot chili pepper that comes in orange mix red shade.
  • Cheeto – The orange cheesy snack.
  • Cheddar – It is the bright cheese which is yum.
  • Chestnut – This is a nut that comes in brown/ orangey shade.
  • Lementine – It is a pretty orange fruit and definitely a beautiful name.
  • Cookie – Our tea time snack and cutie name.
  • Honey – Yummy name with the orange tint.
  • Julius – Just as an Orange Julius.
  • Maizie – This name is taken from maize the multicolored corn.
  • Nectarine – The tasty orange fruit.
  • Paprika – This name is derived from the reddish-orange spice.
  • Peaches – It is sweet fruit.
  • Reese – This name is from Reese’s Pieces.
  • Rolo – It comes in caramel chocolate candy.
  • Saffron – A spice that comes in the orange-reddish shade.
  • Snickers – It is yummy chocolate that comes with caramel, nougat and peanut combination.
  • Spice – Calico cats have the appearance of spice shades.
  • Sundae – Sundae is generally vanilla ice cream with the blend of caramel and chocolate. This name makes the cat look as attractive as the dessert.
  • Twix – This is bar candy which is a mix of chocolate, caramel, and a biscuit which makes it appear as calico colors.
  • Turtle – A turtle dessert is a mix of caramel and chocolate. And these colors are very much similar to the calico.

Girl Cat Names For Calico

Interestingly most of the calico cats are born female as they tend to possess XX chromosomes. With the minimal amount of male calicos, most of them are sterile.

Choosing a name for a calico cat is generally done by either have a look at the coat of the cat or the personality of the cat.

  • Jalapeno – This name is apt for a hot cat.
  • Callie – Acronym for calico.
  • Rembrandt – An artwork.
  • Sugarbaker – Suitable for a sweet calico.
  • Unicorn – Name perfectly fitting for a rare calico.
  • Maneki – This name is generally for a lucky cat in Japan.
  • Annika – A name all set for a pet which is derived from the name Anna which is perfect for a graceful cat.
  • Aruba – An Arabic name which is apt for a happy and joyful kitty.
  • Blaze – A rare name for a cat which is similar to tortoiseshell with a color partition which is evident from forehead to nostril or in a cat with a marbled coat.
  • Blythe – For a cat which is carefree and absolutely loves to play.
  • Calista – Amazing name for a strikingly beautiful calico cat.
  • Callie-mae – For a wonderful calico cat which is born in May.
  • Camille – A suitable name for a cat who has a good character or a perfect name for a cat with royal blood.
  • Catrina – It is a choice to name your cat with the name of the tortoiseshell cat owned by the popular American author Edgar Allan Poe.
  • Clementine – Name for a merciful cat which is born with an orange coat.
  • Columbia – It is a good name for a calico who loves to explore just like Christopher Columbus who discovered America.
  • Cybil – This name brings to our thoughts the prophetess or fortune teller.
  • Danielle – A beautiful name for a cat who is friends with loyalty.
  • Darla – It’s a pet name for the term darling and it absolutely suitable for the cat you love close to your heart.
  • Disco – It is a great name for a cat with a beautiful grey coat just like silver disco balls.
  • Elsa – It is the name of a famous larger than life female role in the movie frozen.
  • Eugenie – It is a good name for a cat which has a family history that is noble.
  • Felicity – It is a perfect choice for a happy and fortune bringing calico cat.
  • Freelance – A distinct name for a loyal, fearless cat which is extracted from the term freelance who were the French soldiers who were loyal and would render their weapons and skills for rent.
  • Garnet – It is amazing to pick for a calico cat which has a coat in red shades.
  • Ginger – It is a perfect option for a cat which has orange or ginger patches on the coat.
  • Guess – A unique name for a calico which keeps you on your toes.
  • Halley – It is a choice for the cat which comes with numerous colors on them and is quite mischievous.
  • Harmony – Good name for a silent peaceful cat.
  • Henna – Rare name for a calico with patches in orange shade.
  • Honey – Gorgeous pick for a beautiful kitty with hazel fur.
  • Irma – It is a perfect name for a loving, strong and independent calico
  • Jewel – It is an ideal name for a calico cat with fur in gemstone colors.

Cute Calico Cat Names

When you have a new calico at home your major task is to name them. There are lots of aspects you may think of when naming them.

But these cats are animals which known for their cuteness. The cuteness in this cat is the fur which is the main attraction in them.

So when we name a calico with cute names let’s consider the below names which are relevant to their fur pattern.

They are absolutely a unique cute creature that definitely deserves to be named after a few cute things we come across. Enjoy their cuteness by naming and calling the felines with cute names.

  • Patches – This is a good name to give a calico as it is perfect to describe the calico’s fur.
  • Spot – Calico cats usually have spotted so this name is a suitable one for them.
  • Camo – similar to camouflage.
  • Marble – This design looks like it has a marble effect.
  • Pixel – The tiny dots create the appearance for a bigger picture.
  • Freckles – The specks of calico’s look similar to the freckles.
  • Inky – The specks of black have an inky look.
  • Dot – The colors in calico at the time appear as dots.
  • Pebbles – The dots have the pebble look so this name is simply cute.
  • Speckles – It is a beautiful expression of describing the Calico’s fur.
  • Mosaic – The fur on a calico cat is made with an eye-catching pattern which appears as a mosaic.
  • Harlequin – The pattern on the calicos has a harlequin appearance.
  • Whiskers – This is a normal name which suits many breeds of cats and it is a good name for both male and female cats.
  • Carrot – It is another name related to the color orange and it is a great name too.
  • Crisscross – It is one best to express the cat’s mottled shades.
  • Patchwork – This name can be suitable for many cats which have numerous colors on them.
  • Patch – A good name to match the patchwork in the cats.
  • Cookie Dough – A joyful name which relates to our favorite ice cream.
  • Cocoa – A perfect name if the cat is warm and snuggly.
  • Jigsaw – This funny name speaks for the mottled look of the cat.
  • Tortie – A perfect name as a calico cat has the same color shades as tortoiseshell cats.
  • Mocha – If your cat gives you the thoughts of coffee then this a good one.
  • Mud pie – It is a cute and lovely name which speaks for the calico color.
  • Sandy – Good name which suits the orange shade.
  • Sandra – A name for a sandy look.
  • Pudding – A name resembling a sweet or mixed dessert.
  • Saffron – The spice in the yellow-orange shade is a perfect name.
  • Sunny – Sunshine or sunbeam or also great options.
  • Sundae – The color on the cat takes back our memories to the dessert.
  • Tangerine – Just as the orange.
  • Tiger – The colors on the tiger and calico are quite the same.
  • Lion – It brings attention over the arena yellow shade of the kitty.
  • Skittles – Talks about the colorful appearance of the cat.
  • Butterball – best name for big cats.
  • October – Calico is known to be Halloween cats.
  • Maple – Similar to the leaf
  • Molasses – Sweet as the calicos.
  • Sorghum – A kind of molasses
  • Brown Sugar – Could there be any sweeter name?
  • Camo – A shorter version of camouflage.
  • Oriole – Attention being on the orange color which looks like the Oriole bird.
  • Mixit – Due to the multiple colors on the cat.
  • Butterfinger – Just as the candy.
  • Reese – Another candy name.
  • Taco – A colorful food name for the multi-colored cat.
  • Cayenne – Similar to the pepper.
  • Chili – Just like the pepper again.
  • Citrus – Perfect name for orange cats.
  • Marmalade – A jam name that suits calico the best.
  • Firestar – Fiery name for the pet with full of energy.
  • Creamsicle – This ice cream popsicles are orange and white at times just as calicos.
  • Gingerbread – Another cat name which is sweeter.

Names For Calico Kittens

Usually, people who own black cats prefer to name their cat with Halloween cat names, generally, the cat in the black shade is considered as an evil omen in western society.

Irrespective of the cat’s color and fur Halloween cat names can be considered for your cat if you have an affinity for the spirited day.

Calico cats being orange and black shaded, Halloween names quite suitable for them. They are in fact known as Halloween cats for their appearance which is very much suitable for the spirit day.

  • Addams – Similar to The Addams Family.
  • Binx – The spirited cat featuring in Hocus Pocus.
  • Bram – Bram Stoker the Irish author had scripted the 1897 Gothic novel Dracula.
  • Buffy – Similar to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the famous TV serial.
  • Carrie – The major role of the titular book by Steven King and also a movie made on the same.
  • Casper – Casper the friendly ghost is a famous character.
  • Craven – A pioneer in the horror movie segment was Wes Craven.
  • Cruella – The insane negative character of 101 Dalmatians.
  • Chucky – The frightening doll which just wouldn’t move away.
  • Cujo – The insane rabid dog.
  • Damien – The major role in the Omen Series which is a horror movie segment.
  • Dracula – The very famous vampire which most of are heard of.
  • Edgar – Edgar Allen Poe excited with the tales of mystery and the macabre.
  • Elvira – The mistress in dark.
  • Fester – Similar to Uncle Fester in the Addams Family.
  • Frankenstein – A book penned by English writer Mary Shelley.
  • Hannibal – Hannibal Lecter is a forensic psychiatrist and cannibalistic serial murderer.
  • Herman – Herman Munster the Munster family’s patriarch.
  • Hitchcock – Master of suspense Albert Hitchcock.
  • Ichabod – Like in the Ichabod Crane, the protagonist featuring in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.
  • Igor – The popular fictional role in the Young Frankenstein.
  • Jason – The major role in the Friday the 13th
  • Jekyll – Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Hyde a strange case has inspired this name.
  • Medusa – A monster which is detailed as a female which lives with poisonous snakes as hair.
  • Merlin – A wizard that is a legend.
  • Michael Myers – The fictional role and protagonist seen in the Halloween series of slasher movies.
  • Morticia – From the Addams Family matriarch.
  • Norman Bates – The major antagonist in Psycho who has a messy relationship with his mother.
  • Pennywise – The title role of Stephen King’s 1986 horror book “It”.
  • Poe – Edger Allen Poe thrilled with his mysterious and macabre stories
  • Pugsley – A person in the fictional Addams family.
  • Rosemary – Just as the character in Rosemary’s baby.
  • Sabrina – Sabrina the teenage witch was a famous TV series.
  • Skellington – The major protagonist of the 1993 movie The nightmare before Christmas.
  • Wednesday – The glum daughter in The Addams Family.

Egyptian Calico Cat Names

Cats were considered as God in Ancient Egypt and the cat never misses to remember this. The cats of the olden days Egypt were decorated in gold and were permitted to eat from the family member’s plate.

If the cat in any house passed away she would be mummified and the family members shave their eyebrows to show their grief of sadness. Tombs and Sarcophagi are built to depict the cat.

Calico cats can be named with the Egyptian names if you are particular about giving certain dignity to their origin. Both the mythology and history of Egypt give us few Egyptian names to choose from.

  • Horus – God of Sun
  • Anubis – Life after Death
  • Ramesses – The founder pharaoh of ancient Egypt’s 19th
  • Khalid – Deathless
  • Aten – Sun
  • Azizi – Valuable
  • Amun – Leader of Gods or fecundity.
  • Khafra – Ancient king of Egypt in 4th
  • Ammon – Secret
  • Kahotep – Harmony
  • Imhotep – Calmness
  • Mshai – Traveller
  • Akil – Elegant
  • Abasi – Important
  • Sphinx – Human head and lion body
  • Pharaoh – Emperor
  • Seti – He was pharaoh in the new kingdom of Egypt in the 19th
  • Ra – Sun
  • Kufu – One of the pharaohs.
  • Osiris – God of life after death.
  • Mkhai – Warrior
  • Nomti – Powerful
  • Isis – Motherly nature.
  • Hasina – Fine
  • Nebit – Just as the leopard
  • Amenti – Goddess in the land of the west
  • Cleopatra – Ladykiller
  • Nile – Nile river valley in Egypt
  • Kamilah – Ideal
  • Chione – Daughter of the Nile
  • Dalila – Sugary
  • Hebony – Shade of black
  • Femi – Loved one
  • Kepi – Turbulent
  • Aisha – Tranquil
  • Layla – In classical Egypt Raqs-al sharqi style belly dancer.
  • Kiwu – Overweight
  • Nefertiti – A Egyptian queen and the famous royal wife of Akhenaten who was a pharaoh in Egypt.
  • Mau – Cat in the Egyptian language.
  • Aziza – Worthy
  • Annipe – Daughter of the Nile
  • Ankhsi – Ankh is an ancient Egypt hierological sign which commonly used in writing.
  • Anukis – Goddess of the Nile

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Disney Calico Cat Names

If you are a follower of Disney films, cartoons, animations, and much other entertainment series you are sure to be aware of the Disney characters and cats being interconnected.

Giving a name for your cat with a Disney character is a win-win. Simple, your cat gets an amazing name, and every time you call him it spins back to your memories of the favorite film and its character.

Though the cats in the Disney movies aren’t exactly calico cats, let’s check out few names from Disney movies that are apt for calico cats.

  • Lafayette – Lafayette is a secondary character in the movie Aristocrats. It is an obese Basset Hound.
  • Napoleon – Aristocats also has another character called Napoleon which is a thin bloodhound.
  • Berlioz – This character plays a main role in the 1970’s animated Disney film Aristocrats. Beriloz is a grey-furred kitten.
  • Roquefort – Roquefort is a tiny rat which lives in the mousehole situated in Madame Bonafamille’s mansion.
  • Dinah – Dinah is a tiny kitten in red color in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.
  • Cheshire Cat – This name is given to a major character which is a cat in the 1952 animated film of Disney Alice in Wonderland,
  • Rajah – It is a small role played by a tiger in 1992 Disney’s
  • Mirage – This name is given to a recurring antagonist in the television series Aladdin features during 1994-95.
  • Si – This character is a Siamese cat and one aunt Sarah’s twin cat in the movie Land and the Tramp.
  • Am – Am is one of the twin cats (Si and am) owned by aunt Sarah which messes around the house, even after being aware that the lady will get in trouble for their act. This role is seen in the movie Lady and the Tramp in the year1955.
  • Sabor – Sabor is a generic term for lioness. Sabor is a secondary antagonist in the 37th full-fledged animation feature movie of Disney Tarzan.
  • Nuru – This name is given to a black leopard which is a recurring antagonist featuring in the movie The Legend of Tarzan,
  • Simba – The Lion King recites the story of the Simba a young lion who becomes the king of the Pride Lands after his father.
  • Mufasa – A big, strong male lion was the character Mufasawho was also the king of the Pride Lands in the movie The Lion King.
  • Scar – Scar is an animated role played in the movie The Lion King
  • Kiara – This name is featured in the midquel TV series The Lion King in 2016 and this character is Simba’s pride and supporting character.

Final Word:

Calicos are one of the colorful and fun-loving cats. When they are small as kittens they love to do mischief and they run around whereas grown-ups are perfect hunters and loyal partners.

Naming these orange black blend cute kitties are albeit stressful but always fun. Names for these cats are good to hear when weird and quirky just as their nature. So give some time to think and choose a good name to call out your Calico.


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