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White Cat Names – 125 Finest Selection Of Names With Meanings

White Cat Names
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Congrats! You are now the owner of a sophisticated cutie pie. Looking for dazzling names for your appealing and fascinating White kitty? Cats with a white coat and dazzling eyes prompt us of softest fluffy cotton candies and deserve a purrfect name that suits the white coat.

You can name your kitty based on its gender, personality, popularity and even eye colors. But, ensure that the name is short and sweet! Check out the finest selection of names for your softest angel.

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Male White Cat Names

You got a cute male white cat. Hip hip hurray!

White cats are centers of attraction and it oozes raging elegant regality and manliness. These cats remind pretty smart pop culture references.

The first thing is to understand your feline’s personality and then choose a name. There is really something cool about a white kitty.

You may or may not realize this fact that our interest in white cats goes back a long time in cat history. For example, cat lovers are now aware that an albino cat and a white cat are not one and the same.

We also know for sure that a cat’s DNA is the main reason for a kitty’s coat color. White cate having blue eyes are susceptible to deafness and this is expected to occur in about 65-70% percent of kitties.

Wherever your cat actually came from, it is necessary to choose the right names for your pristine beauty.

  1. Charmin – Derived from Greek, meaning “delight”
  2. China – A white dishware
  3. Dollar – American currency
  4. Eddie Wealthy friend
  5. Fog – Thick cloud made of tiny water droplets
  6. Finn – White, fair in Irish
  7. Glint – A small flash of light
  8. Hope – Trust
  9. Justin – Anglicized form of Latin name, meaning “Fair”
  10. Kringle A Scandinavian pastry
  11. Marble A metamorphic rock made of calcite
  12. Marshmallow – A soft delicacy made of sugar and gelatin
  13. Moon light – White light from the moon
  14. Noel Christmas Carol
  15. Nimbus – White fluffy rain cloud
  16. Opal – A gemstone
  17. PandaA white bear
  18. Puto – A steamed cake made of rice flour
  19. Santa Claws – Modified name of the legendary figure “Santa Claus”
  20. Salt –  A white mineral used in cooking
  21. Snoopy – Fictional character
  22. Sirius – “The Scorcher” in Greek
  23. Talcum – A cosmetic, usually white in color
  24. Wit – White in Dutch
  25. Winter – Cold season full of fog

Female White Cat Names

Cool……….is it not better to adopt a beautiful white girl cat?

If this is actually your first time brooding over the matter of choosing the top name, you are starting to understand how “baby name books” have evolved.

Getting the name right is simple. Yeah! Inspiration is the best mantra.

Inspiration can come from different things. It includes the solar system, celebrities, food, music, languages, weather patterns, seasons, and foliage.

Sometimes you know for sure that there is no need to give a peculiar name.  You understand that your feline will be really cool with any name, so you can try something interesting.

As you scroll through the list of exciting female white cat names, explore if one small spark leads to another. And before you realize, you would get a new name for your cat.

Take a look at some of the best, most creative, and unique female white cat names.

  1. Angel – A spiritual being believed as God’s messenger
  2. Blanca – Shining, White in Spanish
  3. Daisy – Name of a plant that has yellow disc and white petals
  4. Dove – A white-colored fruit-eating bird
  5. Flossy – Showy
  6. Harmony – A musical note
  7. January – The first month of a year
  8. Jasmine – A white flower
  9. Kenzie – Fair one in Scottish
  10. Love – Strong affection
  11. Misty – Full of mist
  12. Powder – Refers to Talcum powder that is white in color
  13. Savvy – Smart
  14. Sun Shine – Happiness
  15. Pearl – A rare and worthy material

Unique White Cat Names

Naming your cat is a fun thing to do. And it pays to be really different. These are names that can energize your cat and make him stand out.

A name is a bit more than a way to call your cat. Any name you choose gives your cat an important identity and help him gel well into your family.

Cat lovers are always searching for unique and fresh names for their cats.

Beyond the regular Tom, Kitty, Sweety, and Pinto, there is an entire world of meaning and individual names for your cat friends.

Most of us treat cats as a family member. Cat names, interesting or otherwise, are flattering to all cat owners.

It is important you put in the right effort of time and thought before landing on a particular name.

  1. Asa – Healer in Hebrew
  2. Birch – A white-barked tree
  3. Blizzard – A severe snowstorm
  4. Boo – Name of a Disney cat
  5. Cream Puff – A pastry ball filled with whipped cream
  6. Flamingo – A bird that is usually born White
  7. Lux – Short form of luxury
  8. Mimi – Mistress of sea
  9. Miu Miu – Beautiful in Japanese
  10. Pingu – Name of the television series
  11. Platinum – A chemical element meaning “little silver”
  12. Snow – Formation of ice crystals
  13. Shark – A fish that is silver-white in color
  14. Wimbledon – A tennis tournament that is symbolized in white
  15. Zima – Winter in Czech language

White Cat Names From Movies

Motivation for a fluffy white cat name can be discovered in some of the popular places.

For new cat owners, the white fur is astounding and it provides these cats a sense of attraction. Unlike other cats, white kitties are the epitome of angelic feel and success.

Be it an adorable cat or a man-eating lion, cats have occupied distinct roles in our popular films.

You can’t direct a film about a haunted villa without a cat stalking past it at proper intervals.

If you are one of those lucky guys who own a magnificent white cat, give her a nice name inspired by movie characters.

When you go through the list of white cat names, you can get to choose the name of your choice.

  1. Bolt – A fictional character from the film “Bolt”
  2. Betty – Name of the fictional character in the TV series “The Naked Brothers Band
  3. Dumbledore – A fictional character from J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series
  4. Emmett – The fictional character “Emmet Cullen” from the “Twilight” series
  5. Herbie – A fictional beetle featured in most of Walt Disney motion pictures
  6. Jaleel – First name of the American actor and writer “Jaleel Ahmad White”
  7. Jaws – The American thriller film
  8. Tinkle – The fictional character from the film “Cats and Dogs
  9. Reggie – It is an American TV series
  10. Snow White – A fictional character

Funny White Cat Names

If you choose or plan to give your white cat a funny name, you should first see whether it suits him or not.

With plenty of cat names doing the rounds,  you will be spoilt for choice. We can choose ideas from popular culture. This can give us some funny white cat names.

Cats are often called “ Woman’s best friend.”  The funny sidekicks in classic novels, TV, and film can give us excellent comical names.

A funny name lets your cat boast off the light side.

Unlike the strenuous process of selecting a name for a baby, you have plenty of freedom to get inspirational with a cat name.

If you are a great fan of music culture, there are plenty of options to choose from. The funniest cat lover names for cats are somewhat generic, old-fashioned, or nerdy.

Some names may not sound funny, but when named for the right cat, they are an exceptional comedy.

  1. Bumble – Short name of “Bumblebee”
  2. Berg – Refers to iceberg
  3. Champagne – A sparkling wine
  4. Cotton – A soft fiber from the Cotton plant
  5. Daffodil – A flower that has white petals
  6. Flakey – Small, thin and breakable pieces
  7. Garlic – A white spice
  8. Milky Way – A galaxy of our solar system
  9. Mist – Snow
  10. Moonie – Refers to moon, the satellite of Earth
  11. Moscato – It is a wine
  12. Popcorn – A corn kernel
  13. Snowball – Spherical object of snow
  14. Sparkle – Shining
  15. Sugar – Sweet
  16. Tic Tac – A tasty chewable mint
  17. Tofu – Soy milk food
  18. Yogurt – A fermented milk product
  19. Vinca – A flowering plant
  20. Vodka – Alcoholic beverage

White Cat Names With Blue Eyes

Confess it mate! White cats are marvelous.

Your cat may come from any breed such as Siamese, Birman, Javanese, and Persian. Your cat could be a domestic long haired cat.

People are crazy about white cats due to their sheer beauty. If your kitty has blue eyes, she’s a gem. Your cat will definitely need a very distinct name.

Bear in mind, the name you select has to represent her temperament and also her looks. After spending quality time with your cat, you can get some inspiration. The cat may actually be timid or daring.

Think of a wonderful name for your white cat with blue eyes.

  1. Aveta – Goddess of fresh water springs
  2. Blueberry – A fruit
  3. Bluebell – European woodland plant of the lily family
  4. Bluestar – A star of a special type
  5. Cloud – Sky
  6. Hyacinth A fragrant flowering plant
  7. Ocean – A Water body
  8. Sapphire – Gemstone
  9. Zarqua Blue
  10. Zinnia – A flower

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Japanese White Cat Names

Exotic and gorgeous, Japanese white cat names are a brilliant choice for your kitty.  There is no necessity that you should be a Japanese citizen to choose such a name.

In Japan, cats are worshipped since time immemorial. Of course, picking the right name takes creativity, patience, and time.

It’s the place where cat cafes first made its way. There is this ‘lucky cat’ piece and more interestingly, islands especially for cats in Japan.

The Japanese love their pets and cats are their favorite. Being a feline lover’s paradise, you can choose from a wide range of names.

Like most Western nations, Japan also has its traditional, popular, and stereotypical cat names.

If you are in need of a particular cat name, these names are your exciting bet!

From the “Hoshi” to “ Katsuro,” there are some fascinating names that reflect their unique history and language.

  1. Daiki – Valuable
  2. Daisuke – Great help
  3. Haruki – Shining sun
  4. Hibiki – Echo
  5. Ken – Handsome
  6. Masa – True
  7. Miruku – Milk
  8. Midori – Green
  9. Nobu – Trust
  10. Ryo – Cool
  11. Sora Sky
  12. Shiro White
  13. Tama Perfect
  14. Yasu Peace
  15. Yuki Snow

White Cat Names With Green Eyes

There is something special about a cat. But, selecting the best name is not for lazy bones. You should shut yourself and focus on the physical attributes of your cat.

Naming a feline based mainly on a cat’s eye color is gaining more prominence.

You might have decided to find a nice name for your white cat with green eyes. The color green appears in different magnificent shades.

Check your cat’s eye color and its appearance, and choose a name from the choices we have provided.

The list of exciting white cat names we have provided should make your brains work extra hard and select the best one.

  1. Avocado A large berry fruit
  2. Beryl – Gemstone in aquamarine color
  3. Blerta – Green in Albany language
  4. Cyan – Greenish-blue color
  5. Cypress – An evergreen coniferous tree
  6. Cucumber A creeping vine
  7. Denver – Green valley in French
  8. Emerald Gemstone
  9. Heather – Plant of the Ericaceae family
  10. Glas – Green in Irish
  11. Kelly – Warrior in the Gaelic language
  12. Mint A greenish spice
  13. Mya – Mother in Greek
  14. Vermont – Green mountain
  15. Whiskey Alcoholic beverage


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