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Black Cat Names – 225 Unique And Cool Names

225 Black Cat Names
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Black cats are beautiful creatures that amaze you always. Cats with black shiny fur and jellybean toes make you fall head over heels for them. They deserve your love and attention.

Cats also can recognize our voices. So, a purrfect name will attract a cat and makes it happy!

Although it’s easy to name it based on its color, you can also have unique, adorable, and even Halloween names for it!

Let’s look at how you can name your black cat based on gender and various categories.

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Male Black Cat Names

How do you choose a black cat name? Choosing a name is a hard decision. It’s something that you are going to use for a long time to come.

Pick a name that rightly fits your cat’s appearance and personality. Make sure it gels completely with your taste.

Black seems to appear as a cool color in the feline kingdom. And black cats are considered auspicious in Japan. They believe that a woman who owns a black cat will have plenty of suitors.

In Egypt, people believe that the so-called Goddess Bastet considered black cats as lucky. She was the local deity of Per-Bast town, where her followers were in plenty.

There are plenty of amazing black cat names. There is no wrong or right answer when it ideally comes to what or how to name a beautiful black cat.

We all do know felines recognize our voices. So, do choose a nice name for your black cat.

  1. Arnie – Strong like an eagle
  2. Ashton – Short name of the American Actor “Ashton Kutcher”
  3. Billy – Cat in the Hindi Language
  4. Cinder – Partly burnt wood or coal material
  5. Cosmo – Refer to the universe
  6. Danny – Short name of the American rapper “Danny Brown”
  7. Dot – A small round spot
  8. Domino – Lord in French
  9. Dusk – Evening
  10. Dylan – Lord
  11. Ember – Spark in Hungarian
  12. Flash – Light
  13. Gizmo – Fictional character
  14. Grayson – Name of the fictional superhero “Dick Grayson”
  15. Jaguar – A large cat
  16. Jimmy – Supplant
  17. Micky – Gift from God in Hebrew
  18. Monet – Protector’s descendant
  19. Nimbus – A large, gray-colored rain cloud
  20. Patrick – Noble
  21. Pepper – A black-colored spice
  22. Pluto – Greek god of the underworld
  23. Smoke – Vapor from fire
  24. Timmy – God’s honor in Greek
  25. Vader – Derived from the fictional character “Darth Vader” from Star Wars

Female Black Cat Names

There’s something mystic around black cats. Female black cats are a rare kind, and their chosen names should reflect their identity and personality.

If your cat has a strong affinity for roaming in the garden, pick a floral name like Lily or Rosie.

If she has an adorable white marking on her belly, why don’t you try a cookie inspired name? Some cat owners prefer a girly name, and in that case, Bella is awesome.

Getting creative or experimental with black cat names can be fun. It’s a great way to choose something out of the box.

Certain things are considered amazingly cool. For instance, cruiser bikes and velvet leather jackets.

Ponder on a subject area or topic that you find great. A name that sounds interesting is most likely to come from things that you all rave about. Put on your thinking cap and let the creative mind flow with ideas!

  1. Alma – Kind in Latin
  2. Angela – God’s messenger in Latin
  3. Ava – Bird in Latin
  4. Andrina – Brave
  5. Brunette – A woman with dark brown hair
  6. Espresso – Black coffee
  7. Cadbury – Chocolate brand
  8. Chelsea – An area in West London
  9. Cheshire – Fictional character from Alice in Wonderland
  10. Coffee – A brew
  11. Dahlia – A flower
  12. Emily – Industrious in German
  13. Enigma – Mysterious
  14. Eva – Life in Latin
  15. Hex – Hedge in German
  16. Ivy – Faithful
  17. Felicia – Happy
  18. Justina – Fair in Latin
  19. Leila – Dark beauty, night in the Arabic language
  20. Lena – Light in the Russian language
  21. Lexi – Meaning “to defend” in Greek
  22. Licorice – A sweet and chewy aromatic black substance
  23. Magpie – Bird of Corvidae family
  24. Molass – The refined product of sugar
  25. Nefertiti – Name of European princess
  26. Nestle – A chocolate brand
  27. Olive – A spice
  28. Ophelia – Derived from a dark and mysterious play
  29. Oreo – A cookie
  30. Orla – Meaning “golden princess”
  31. Pepsi – Carbonated soft drink
  32. Pudding – A sausage
  33. Rose – Beautiful black rose
  34. Sable – Black
  35. Satin – A smooth and shiny cloth
  36. Shadow – Dark area
  37. Sheba – Promise in Hebrew
  38. Spade – A rank in the playing card
  39. Spook – Ghost in Dutch
  40. Sunset – Fading time of sunlight
  41. Tenebris – Meaning “darkness” in Latin
  42. Tilly – Strength in German
  43. Trixie – Brings joy
  44. Twilight – Sunset
  45. Varda – Rose
  46. Velvet – Soft
  47. Wilma – Means resolute protector in Dutch
  48. Zara – Meaning “Princess” in the Russian language
  49. Ziggy – Victorious peace in German
  50. Zerlina – Beautiful dawn

Unique Black Cat Names

You want a name that stands out from the rest. Are you searching for a unique black cat name that’s filled with individuality?

If you find it difficult to come up with a really inventive name, then this is it.

Don’t cry if your black cat is not the darkest possible shade of black. When working on choosing a fun name for your dark-colored cat, the best thing is choosing one that blends well with their natural personality.

Try different possible name combinations if you prefer a more majestic or a longer name for your black cat.

The only best black cat legend you should ever pay heed is that these cats are amazing.

You can also choose names that mean “black” and this could be ideal for your black cat.

Naming your feline after qualities you wish him or her to have is great.

  1. Asher – Happy in Hebrew
  2. Bonfire – Large, open-air fire
  3. Bump – A light blow
  4. Chess – A two-player board game
  5. Diesel – A fuel used for ignition
  6. Domino – Lord in Latin
  7. Iron – A holy metal
  8. Gloom – Partial or total darkness
  9. Haze – An atmospheric obscuration caused by smoke, dust, and other dry particles
  10. Kuro – Black in Japanese
  11. Meow – Sound produced by your cat!
  12. Nightfall – Dusk
  13. Siyah – Black in Turkish
  14. Yin – Shade in Chinese
  15. Wakuda – Wisdom

Black Cat Names From Movies

Black cats have a marvelously ridiculous personality, shining eyes, and glossy fur.

We always wish to show our love for our beautiful, mysterious, and witty cat friends.

Unfortunately, these cute animals are the least animals likely to be brought home from shelters because of their star status.

Felix, the cat, starred in a cartoon in 1919. Even today, people recognize this cartoon cat with love and appreciation. With his splendid big eyes and wide smile, this cat “spoke” the language of love which cartoon lovers still cherish worldwide.

Socks and Felix are more popular with Disney cat names; your kitten or cat needs a cool name, a Disney name.

If you ready to keen to be part of pop culture, no name would do. No, you will need a distinctive and special name, something that says about his temperament.

There are plenty of feline characters that inspire you in the right way.

  1. Binx – The black cat from the movie “Hocus Pocus”
  2. Felix – A funny cartoon character
  3. Figaro – Black cat from the fantasy drama “Pinocchio”
  4. General – The mysterious black cat from the movie “Cat’s Eye”
  5. Knight – A fictional character
  6. Lucifer – Fictional cat from the cartoon movie “Cindrella”
  7. Panther – Refers to the black panther from the novel “Jungle Book”
  8. Pluto – A fictional cat from the short story “The Black Cat”
  9. Salem – The cheeky, black cat from the movie “Sabrina, the Teenage witch”
  10. Sassy – A cat from the movie “Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey”
  11. Scat – A fictional cat from the movie “Aristocrats”
  12. Selina – Name of the actor “Selina Kyle” who played the fictional character “Cat Woman”
  13. Sylvester – The fictional character from the animated series “Looney Toons”
  14. Tom – The famous cartoon character from the “Tom and Jerry” animated series
  15. Zorro – A fictional character created by American writer Johnston McCulley

Unisex Black Cat Names

Searching for that ideal name for your black kitty? Try unisex names, and they are a good option.

As any cat lover will tell you, choosing the right name is really important. The chosen name can ideally shape and glorify your cat’s true personality, and, most remarkably, you will have to utter it day after day.

Unisex cat names have been rising in popularity for thousands of reasons.

These names are fun, cute, and provide flexibility. You can choose these names for both sexes of your pet.

Unisex cat names sound both creative and modern, and to top it all, you gain extra flexibility when choosing out the gender.

Selecting the right name is the best decision as a pet parent. You can find plenty of options with the choice of names given below.

You don’t really have to stress and worry whether it will work for your cat or not.

  1. Blacky – A purrfect name for your Black cat
  2. Blackberry – Fruit
  3. Buster – A person who overpowers others
  4. Clover – A spice
  5. Cross – A geometrical figure having two intersecting lines
  6. Kennedy – Meaning “Helmeted chief” in the Gaelic language
  7. Dice – A small cube having spots on all sides
  8. Eye – Organ
  9. Ebony – Dark brown timber from a tropical tree
  10. Emery – An abrasive that is grayish-black in color
  11. Gato – Cat
  12. Gypsy – Wanderer
  13. Midnight – Middle period of the night
  14. Falcon – A bird with long pointed wings and a notched beak
  15. Noir – Black Goddess in French
  16. Ozzy – Cryptic Prince of Darkness
  17. Sunny – Cheerful
  18. Spider – An arthropod
  19. Spirit – Soul
  20. Raven – A complete Black passerine bird

Halloween Names For Black Cats

Halloween cat names carry an air of real spookiness. At one time in history, felines were considered as a creature derived from the witches.

Edgar Allen Poe presented a short story that talked about the black felines and the superstition associated with it.

Looks are important to go with. You can name your cat Jinx, Genie, or Raven. A cat born in the zodiac sign Scorpio is investigative and uncanny. A Scorpio feline will pick a way to accomplish what he wants.

Boo makes an excellent Halloween name. Get naughty with names like Whisker, Terrie, Spider.

If your cat has got a mask around his eyes, Bandit is a cute name. You could use the name Ouija, Fortune, or Pendulum.

Some of the other famous names include Frankenstein, Wolfman, and Dracula. Beetlejuice is also a cute name. If you prefer witch-based names, Hermione and Elphaba are good choices.

  1. Beast – A large, dangerous, four-footed fictional animal
  2. Carrie – An iconic Halloween character
  3. Demon – An evil spirit
  4. Dracula – A well-known vampire
  5. Ding Dong – A Halloween character
  6. Doom – Meaning Catastrophe
  7. Edgar – Powerful
  8. Fang – Member of Cameroon clan
  9. Fester – Annoying
  10. Fortune – Luck
  11. Freddy – Peaceful ruler
  12. Gato – Meaning cat in Spanish
  13. Harry – Derived from the movie “Harry Potter”
  14. Hocus Pocus – Common slang used by stage magicians
  15. Jack – Representing Soldier
  16. Jason – Greek name meaning Healer
  17. Medusa – Monster in Greek mythology
  18. Munster – Cathedral tower
  19. Mystery – Difficult to understand
  20. Norman – A Halloween character
  21. Phantom – Ghost
  22. Rollo – A Halloween character
  23. Rosemary – She is a zombie girl
  24. Vampire – A corpse that drinks the blood of living being at night
  25. Warlock – A person who uses magic against others
  26. Wednesday – The glum daughter in American black sitcom “The Addams Family”
  27. Witch – A women with magical powers
  28. Wizard – A fictional man having magical powers
  29. Voodoo – Practice of the Black religious cult in the southern United States
  30. Zombie – A fictional corpse created through the reanimation of a human corpse

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Funny Black Cat Names

Felines are smart, funny, and delicate. Whether you are in search of a funny or comical cat name, look no further.

Cats are master entertainers and provide us with non-stop laughter and joy.

Picking a funny name guarantees one more extra chance that will improve your guests’ mood every time they meet you.

Being comical by nature, cats can keep us entertained. Imagine this scene. A kitten was chasing its tail in circles. A cat is afraid of its reflection.

Cats were brought home some 4,000 years ago and domesticated. These cats were regarded as sacred as a temple priest in China and Egypt.

Does your pet cat seem more kind and patient? Are you searching for a name that sounds comedic? Your black cat definitely warrants a special comedic name that complements their mysterious and wild nature.

Pop-culture-inspired cat names are also recommended for your black cat.

  1. Catsanova – For your loving and friendly cat!
  2. Catzilla – Modified name of the film Godzilla
  3. Fraidy – A cartoon character from the show “Fraidy Cat”
  4. Fluffy – Referring to your fur baby
  5. Ghost – Soul of a dead person
  6. Jennifur – Modified name of Jenifer Lopez
  7. Kitana – A fictional character in the fighting game Mortal Kombat II
  8. Ninja – Fictional character in the animated television series
  9. Nyan – A meme that was widespread on the Internet a few years back!
  10. Whispurr – A pun name for your whisker!

Italian Black Cat Names

Pronto! Maybe, an energetic Italian black cat name wants you are searching for. In Italian folktales, felines are considered a bit tricky.

Some cats can be good as “Papa Gatto” or “ Puss in Boot” or more deceitful than the “Pinocchio” cat.

Italian names are more like poetry.

Pronto! Maybe, an energetic Italian black cat name wants you are searching for. In Italian folktales, felines are considered a bit tricky.

Some cats can be good as “Papa Gatto” or “Puss in Boot” or more deceitful than the “Pinocchio” cat.

Italian names are more like poetry.

Saints are a big draw in Italy. Talking of saints, why not name your pet after one. Francesca or Franco would be ideal.

Another popular saint name Uberto. “Ariel” in the Italian language refers to “Lion of God.”

Pasta, Farfalle, Gigli, Lasagna, Bavette, Rotelle, and Mafalda can inspire a cat lover for sure.

Popular Italian women like Medici, Lucrezia, Christine, Rossellini, Asia, and Sofia are suitable Italian names.

Stella is another cute name. It means “Star.”

Italian love their art. Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Leonardo are also good options. This language is a great language that produces some stunning names.

Alberto – Bright, nobleAdrina – Happiness
Benito - BlessedAnita - Gracious
Carla – ManAurelia - Golden
Dante - EverlastingBambi - Child
Faustino - Good luckCira - Bright, Shining
Flavio - BlondTrista – Love
Gian - God is graciousAlba – Dawn
Ivo - ArcherElvira - Truth, White
Marco - Mars, Roman God of WarLucia - Light
Leo – Strong, brave, boldOcchi - Eyes
Pazzo – CrazyPaloma - Dove
Pelo – Hair, furPia - Pious
Tito – SavedQuorra - Heart
Zitto – Silent, QuietValentina – Powerful
Nero – BlackZola - Ball of earth

Spanish Black Cat Names

Pet cats are children to us. We play with them, care for them, and present them in good costumes.

Before deciding on a name, you should take into consideration your pet’s uniqueness.

Hola! Señorita!

Spanish cat names give us plenty of options. Originating in a small European country, Spanish represents the primary dialect of close to 427 million people speaking this language in 31 countries.

Maybe, you all have a Spanish legacy. Or you wish to be part of an amazing culture.

You could take in the sounds of a Spanish name, and no matter whatever be your decision, Spanish is a language to relish. This language is linked to laid-back charm and softness, and it creates an exciting charm.

Not only is this language relatively fun to learn, understanding it provides you a perfect head-start to learning languages like Portuguese and Italian.

Take a look at these 15 distinct, popular Spanish names for your cat.

Diego – Supplanter, name of famous Mexican artist “Diego Rivera”Alicia – Noble
Eloy – Chosen oneAmiga – Female friend
Juan – GraciousCarmen – Garden
Jade – Stone of the colic, precious green stoneBonita – Cute, pretty
Issac – LaughterCarmine – Song
Manco – One armedChica – Small
Ramon – Counsel, ProtectionDamita – Little lady
Santo – HolyHada – Fairy
Ximen – God has heardLuz – Light
Samuel – Name of GodRima – Antleope

Names For Black Cat With Green Eyes

Most cat owners consider their pets as family owners. Getting the right name needs a little bit of motivation.

In this aspect, you should ideally focus your attention.

Naming a cat only based on the cat’s eyes and our cat names for black cats with green eyes will motivate you to get the perfect moniker. Sometimes a name suddenly pops up from nowhere.

You may have decided to choose a name for your cat. The color green appears in different shades. Common names like Forest, Leaf, River, Emerald won’t suit every pet cat.

Consider the cat color and its uniqueness and decide on a cute name.

Our list of cat names consists of several monikers and most names. We prepared a list of suitable cat names for all those who find it hard to pick the right name.

Take a look and select the best name for your cat. All the best!

  1. Aileen – Light in Irish
  2. Berde – Meaning green in the Basque language
  3. Blerta – Blossom, green in the Albanian language
  4. Cyan – Greenish blue color
  5. Denver – Green valley
  6. Emerald – A dark green gemstone
  7. Midori – Means green in Japanese
  8. Tale – Meaning “green” in the Egyptian language
  9. Wayani – It means green in the Catawba language
  10. Zelenka – Meaning green in the Czech language


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