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Are Cats Detached Sociopaths? Misunderstood Theory!

Are Cats Detached Sociopaths?
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No, pets are actually good for us.

Given the money and time, some people spend lavishly on their cats or dogs, it’s crazy how little we actually understand them.

According to experts, cats are mostly misunderstood. Most find them mysterious and aloof, so much that a small team of animal experts is doing rounds to explain the pets to their own owners.

Are cats really Sociopaths?

Author Zhang claims that anyone who has taken a good look into their blank face will know what that actually means.

All those who expect the most loved cat to gaze affectionately into their eyes should pick a Bonsai plant.

The problem, actually, in this case, lies with the people and not the cats. When we find a kitty looking at us expressionless, it appears like a killer who shows no emotion.

A cat’s face, in fact, does not have the muscle mass to show expressions like a dog or a human. No animals are known to communicate like humans. They communicate mainly through posture and body language. A cat that carries a straight hoisted tail wishes to say, “Hi mate, Howdy?”

Pooches that grow up with felines understand this quickly; humans are a bit dumb in this matter.

No one should doubt a cat’s predatory skills. With the introduction of agriculture, the rodents started their rule on earth. Just right behind them, our feline friends made their entry.

People tuned to see felines as cruel and pitiless might have seen cartoons where a mouse does all the tricks.

In short, cats are all individuals. Their characteristics differ from one to another as wide as human beings, and dogs.

Forget your cat’s expressionless face. Remember this adage, cats train humans and not the vice-versa.

The love showered by a cat is much more priceless than anything else.


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